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Longer days, warmer temperatures and a little sunshine are all signs that spring has arrived. The changing of the season also serves as a reminder to give our landscape some much-needed attention. Unsure of where to begin? Tree Amigos has got you covered. We’ve put together a list of pro tips to prepare your landscape for the warm months ahead.

Complete a Thorough Inspection of Your Property

Once the snow has melted and winter has said its final goodbyes, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your landscape for any damage that may have been caused by heavy snowfall or extremely cold temperatures. Becoming aware of any issues early on allows you to make any necessary repairs before they worsen or cause additional damage. It’s also important to check the status of your trees, shrubs, and plants. Be on the lookout for signs of frost damage that may have stunted growth including shrivelling, drooping, and browning.

6 Tips to Clean up Your Landscape After Winter

Now that you’ve thoroughly inspected your yard for any damage that may have occurred over the winter months, you can begin to clean up and prep your yard for the warm months ahead. As one of the premier landscaping companies in St. Catharines and Niagara, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you tidy up your property so you can make the most of your landscape this season and beyond:

Take Part in Some Spring Pruning

Pruning your plants to encourage new growth is especially important in the early spring as it prepares your summer-blooming plants for a healthy season ahead. But before you grab your hedge shears, remember, each plant has a specific time when pruning is most ideal. A good rule of thumb to follow is: if you have a spring-blossoming tree or shrub scheduled to flower before June 15th, prune the plant as soon as it finishes blooming. Plants blooming after June 15th can be pruned while they lay dormant in the winter or in the early spring before the bud begins to grow.

Pruning Tips to Follow

  • Clean out and remove any dead, diseased, bug-damaged, or broken branches from plants
  • Leave branch collars intact. Cutting too close to the bottom can cause harm
  • Trim hedges to be wider at the base than the top
  • Each time you trim a hedge, leave half to a full inch of previous growth to ensure good health and re-growth
  • Always use the proper tools and keep your blades sharp to avoid causing any damage
  • To limit the amount of stress your plant experiences, prune during cooler weather

Give Your Lawn Some TLC

The winter months can be tough on your lawn. Snow, ice and freezing temperatures can damage the roots of the grass, leaving it looking less than its best once spring arrives. Fortunately, there are several ways you can whip your lawn back into shape. Aerating your lawn is a great first step in improving the quality of your grass. Doing so loosens compacted soil, allowing moisture, vital nutrients, and air to sink in and reach the root system. Aim to aerate your lawn about every two years to promote a healthy and deep root system. Applying fertilizer and compost is another way you can promote a healthy lawn. Together they provide essential nutrients, help reduce disease and improve overall soil structure.

Add a Thin Layer of Mulch

Mid-to-late spring is the perfect time to add a thin layer of mulch to your garden. Adding mulch provides insulation from fluctuating temperatures, controls weed growth, and locks nutrients into the soil. When applying mulch around your property, be mindful of how much you’re using. Too much (a layer more than 3 inches deep) can bury and suffocate plants as water and oxygen are unable to reach the roots.

Tune up Lawnmower

Your lawnmower has a busy season ahead – make sure it’s ready with a tune-up! The first thing you’ll want to do is give your mower a good inspection. Check all the belts, hoses and fluid levels to ensure everything is in good working order. You’ll also want to sharpen the blades, remove any dirt or grass clippings, and clean out any clogged fuel lines. When certain that your lawnmower is ready, mow at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches. This allows your grass to develop deep root systems, form thick blooms, and display a richer, greener appearance.

Clean Up and Organize the Deck and Patio

The warmer months are coming, which means you’ll soon be spending most of your time outside on your deck and patio. Make sure they’re ready with these simple tips:

  • Check for any damage, and if required, make necessary repairs
  • Sweep off any loose dirt or debris
  • Hose down your deck, patio stones and any outdoor furniture
  • Organize your outdoor furniture
  • Brighten up your fence, deck and furniture with a fresh coat of paint or stain

Spring Maintenance Made Easy With Tree Amigos

Whether you’re looking for backyard ideas to spruce up your space or exceptional care for your landscape’s best features, you can trust Tree Amigos to maintain and highlight the unique beauty of your property. Tree Amigos offers full-service landscaping in St. Catharines, NOTL and other cities found throughout the region of Niagara. To learn more about our wide range of spring services, contact us today.