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Terms and Conditions / Warranty

Terms and Conditions

Charge Out Rates

Any additional work requested by the client (not included in signed contract) will be charged out using the following rates:

Individual Labour Rate: ​ $75/hour

Crew Labour Rate:​​  $260/hour

Machinery/Equipment Rate:​  $50/hour

Minimum 1-hour charge will apply.

Extra charge out rates MUST be approved by the client via email, verbal or written notice.  Any extra materials or fees incurred by Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc. will be additionally billed.

Additional charge out rates will only apply if time permits on the project.

Excavation Overages

Items not covered under a general excavation include:  tree stumps, large rocks, septic tanks, drain tile, irrigation lines, private electrical or gas lines, invisible dog fence; any concrete removal has be quoted on 4" of clean concrete (unless otherwise noted), any additional findings will result in additional fees to the client.  While every precaution will be taken, Tree Amigos cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred.  Irrigation & Lighting systems may need to be repaired or re-done at an additional cost.

Utility Locates / Property Lines

Tree Amigos will contact Ontario 1 Call on the client’s behalf to get the underground utilities marked.  If any private locates are required, the client MUST inform Tree Amigos to obtain a private locate request.  It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the property lines have been identified.

Owner Responsibilities

The owner recognizes and agrees that they have a responsibility to maintain constructions; plants, shrubs, trees, and other installations in keeping with standard maintenance practices in order for the warranty to remain in effect.  Failure to properly maintain materials or installations will void the warranty.  The owner further recognizes and agrees that damage to all installations of the project will not be warranted if the damage or loss is due to elements beyond the control of Tree Amigos Landscaping (TAL).  For example, fallen limbs, animal damage, excess water due to flooding, use of improper chemicals, improper maintenance, extreme or unusual weather conditions, and / or related situations will void all warranties provided by TAL.  Any warranty work will not commence until all contract payments have been made in full.

General Payment Terms

All projects will require a 30% deposit before ANY work will commence.  Deposit will be due before the project begins.  Projects lasting LESS than two weeks, will require final payment due upon completion of the job.  Projects lasting MORE than two weeks, will be subject to progress payments which will be outlined in the contract.

We prefer a cheque made payable to Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc. but payments can also be made via credit card using our online invoice.

Any warranty work will not commence until ALL contract payments have been made in full.


General Construction Warranty

Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc. (TAL) do NOT cover natural material changes, such as; staining, discolouring, efflorescence, cracking, chipping, changes in shape that may occur in wood use, or other unforeseen changes beyond our control.  If any replacements are to be made, manufacturers warranties will apply and labour will be additionally billed.

Warranty - Interlocking Pavers, Walls & Steps

All Interlocking Pavers, Walls & Steps supplied and installed by Tree Amigos Landscaping (TAL) will be guaranteed for 3 years from the date of the invoice.  This warranty covers labour and workmanship.  Issues from unknow soil or ground water conditions are excluded from this warranty.  Improper winter maintenance can also void the warranty (see Interlocking Paver Care instructions @   It is the customers responsibility to inform TAL of any discrepancies with any products before the 3 years have expired.  Manufacturers warranties will apply for the products themselves beyond the 3 years and labour will be billed accordingly to repair / replace.  

The client acknowledges there might be a slight variation in colour samples shown and actual colour of the material installed, due to manufacturing time or natural processes.  If the client makes last minute changes to colour, product or pattern which require reordering or returning materials there will be a restocking charge of 25% and may incur additional labour / shipping.

Warranty - Plant Material

Plant material (under this warranty) supplied and installed by Tree Amigos Landscaping (TAL) will be guaranteed for 1 year, from the date of the invoice.  It is the customers responsibility to inform TAL of any discrepancies with any plant material before the 1 year has expired.  Plants that do not survive due to underlying water issues will NOT be covered (ie. over / under watering, or excessive clay soils that do NOT drain, or poor drainage sites in general).  We also do not warranty any plant material that has been transplanted on site OR any plant material that is installed in a raised planter (or similar).

**cedars are excluded from this warranty**

The plant warranty covers the replacement of said plant, but MAY not cover the cost to install the replacement plant.  Trees, for example, may require additional labour to plant in the same location now that machine access may not be available.  If this is the case, either additional labour will be needed to install the replacement (at the cost of the customer) OR TAL reserves the right to supply & install a smaller sized plant that is suitable to be installed in the space due to installation restrictions.

Warranty - Lawns

All sod supplied and installed by Tree Amigos Landscaping (TAL) will be guaranteed for 24hrs, from the date of installation.  It is the customers responsibility to inform TAL of any discrepancies with any sod before the 24hrs have expired.

Warranty - Specialty Items & Accessories

Specialty Items & Accessories supplied and installed by Tree Amigos Landscaping (TAL) will be guaranteed for the remainder of the landscape season.  Manufacturers warranties will apply to specialty items & accessories, such as; water pumps, fountains, lighting systems, fire tables, barbeques, and other store-bought items.  Labour to repair / replace these items is NOT covered and will be additionally billed.   Service Rates will be charged as follows:  $75 / hr (including travel time)