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The front yard is the first thing that people will notice about your home. With spring well under way, now is the perfect time to start considering curb appeal. When it comes to designing your dream landscape there is no shortage of ideas and inspiration to draw from. No matter your landscape experience, the endless choices and options can be a little overwhelming. So, we have put together the top 10 front yard landscaping ideas that are guaranteed to inspire.

Don’t be afraid to break convention

There is no such thing as a right or wrong way to spruce up your front yard. Break away from conventions with no-mow alternatives to your front lawn. Consider swapping out traditional grass for any number of substitutes, such as native or ornamental grass, clover, wildflowers, or even rocks. Some alternatives, like creeping thyme, even come in varying colours to really give your lawn a chance to stand out from the rest. There are so many options available that you can really get creative and customize your lawn to however you like.

Create the walkway of your dreams

Having some sort of path leading from the road or sidewalk up to the house is a perfect way to frame your landscape. There are many options in materials to use for walkways like poured concrete, pebbles, river rocks, pavers, flagstone, woodchips, or stone. Hire a professional to install a land bridge to add a decorative element and height to the lawn. For simple and clean-cut styles, straight walkways with 90-degree corners will work best. For more natural and relaxed styles, lean towards creating a soft curving pathway. The rounded corners contribute to a more organic and natural feel and compliment rounded garden beds beautifully.

Pay attention to the details  

To really bring a front yard together and make it feel complete, don’t overlook the details. There are so many easy changes and updates that can be made which will instantly refresh and update the outdoor space. Consider swapping out standard residential numbers for something unique and specific to your design choices. Custom number signs are a great way to make the house stand out and add an individualized touch. Another way to add a splash of colour and personality is by painting the front door. The entrance way is the gateway into the home and is a focal point in the façade of your house and front yard, so spending an afternoon giving it a fresh coat of paint is a great and easy way to spruce up your landscape. Something else that is easy to forget is to camouflage any un-wanted aspects of the yard. For example, if your air conditioning unit can be seen from the front of the house, construct a small privacy screen around it, or plant some small trees to disguise the unit entirely.

Mix together annuals, perennials, and evergreens

Living in Canada means that we must prepare for multiple, drastically different seasons. By planting a mixture of flowers and plants you are ensuring that your yard will look amazing all year around, even in the dead of winter. When planting flower beds, create a mix of annuals, perennials, and evergreens so that no matter what time of year, your garden will be the best looking on the street. The best time to start planting is between late April to late May. To give new plants the best chance to thrive, ensure that the ground is completely thawed, as the frost will hurt the roots. Don’t plant too late into the season because the thick heat of June, July, and August can fry new plants and stop them from becoming established in the garden. To get the best plants for your garden, make sure they will get the right amount of light they need. Some plants love to be in the sun all day, while others would much prefer to be left in the shade.

Use your fences creatively

Fences are not just for fortification purposes. While they can be used for security there is no rule that says they can’t look great as well. Revive the classic white picket fence by planting flowers along the fence line that will grow through the posts throughout the summer, creating peek-a-boo pops of colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme. Shrub roses, spiky purple meadow sage, chartreuse lady’s mantle, and purple catmint all look amazing when planted along fence lines. Another option is to use plants as a fence. Some neatly pruned boxwood hedges are a wonderful way to keep people (and dogs) off the lawn while also creating a beautiful, blended, front yard landscape. Don’t overlook pergolas and gazebos as they draw the eye up and away from the ground, especially with vines and flowers crawling up the side. Create a more complex visual component to a fence by mixing and matching materials. Add stone pillars at the entrance of a wrought iron fence or use a metal pergola to break up the white picket fence and add new elements to the yard.

Use lighting to shine a spotlight on the landscape

Incorporating lighting into a landscape is not only practical but also keeps any element of the yard from going unnoticed. Place lighting in strategic spots to highlight the best features of your lawn. There are plenty of ways to add lights to the front yard. Install a new porch light to brighten up the entrance of the home, show off your blooming flowers with decorative LED lighting that can be implemented right into the garden beds, and make sure you never miss a step with recessed step lighting. When the colder months come along, let the lights take center stage and add colour back into the front yard. Smart lightbulbs allow users to control the colour of the lights right from their phone. Or install assorted colour bulbs to give the landscape a festive feel during the holiday seasons. Double check that the bulbs are rated for outdoor use as they will be exposed to all the elements and all sorts of weather.

Add a water feature

A water feature is a fantastic way to add a beautiful and relaxing element into any garden. Water features come in several designs such as ponds, fountains, birdbaths, and waterfalls. Before bringing the feature home pick and carefully measure the spot it is going to go to ensure it is the right size and will work in the landscape. For expansive yards, adding in a small pond, or a large-tiered fountain will break up any great expanses of green grass and provide a focal point for the yard. Another great option, especially when short on room to work with, is designating a space for a birdbath in the garden. The sound of running water will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for yourself and your guests. There are so many unique options for fountains that you can really explore and customize it to your exact style preferences. Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of our past projects here.

Create another living space with outdoor furniture

Why not utilize the space on your front veranda and make it an outdoor living room during the warmer months? Patio furniture is a terrific way to add colour, dimension, and interest to any veranda or front porch. There are countless options when it comes to outdoor furniture. For smaller spaces, a bistro set, or a customizable outdoor sectional is a great option. For larger porches and patios, there are more options available like patio conversation sets, outdoor sectionals, and outdoor furniture. To personalize the furniture, play with colour and patterns by mixing and matching cushions and throw pillows. And finally, consider throwing down an outdoor rug. They are a wonderful way to block off space and to also add a little more colour and visual interest to the front porch. Look at some of our past projects for inspiration or get in touch to speak with one of our designers today.

Use Planters to fill in the gaps

Using planters as gap fillers is an easy and cost-effective way to add finishing touches.  Planters come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. Get creative and really hone in on your individual style by searching for which planters speak to you. Using hanging baskets, or window boxes, is a clever way to draw the eye upwards and add splashes of colour to neglected corners of your yard. They are also great when space is limited, or don’t want the hassle of planting and maintaining a full garden. Of course, you can always hire someone to come do the outdoor maintenance for you. When planting new plants into planters make sure they have enough room to grow and spread out, remember the flowers are not going to stay the size they were when they were purchased. Some plants, like petunias, will require trimming and pruning throughout the summer months to always look their best. Planters are also a great budget option, as it is much cheaper to buy a planter, a few plants, and one bag of soil, instead of filling in a whole garden. Planters work all year around, and once spring and summer have come and gone swap out any annuals for evergreens during the fall and winter months! Most evergreens will grow very well in a container, just make sure that the planter is the right size for your tree.

Add mulch to complete the garden

Not only does mulch put the finishing touches on any garden, but it also has many beneficial purposes. It will help new plants become established and grow stronger root systems, help prevent soil erosion, control the moisture and temperature of the soil, provides nutrients for the soil as it breaks down, and best of all it helps to prevent weed growth. There are a few choices when it comes to mulch since it comes in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials. By far the most popular is bark mulch, which is made from woods like cedar and pine. Of course, there are some alternatives, although they may not have the same benefits that mulch does. Straw works very similarly to mulch and adds a bright pop of golden colour to any garden.

By using all or a combination of our tips and tricks you are guaranteed to step up the curb appeal of your home. Let us take on the work of creating the perfect front yard for you. No matter what your ideas are, get in touch today so we can bring your vision to life with the perfect outdoor oasis for you to love and enjoy all summer long.