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Outdoor kitchens are the latest trend, and for good reason. They bring the joy of cooking outdoors to a whole new level. They also extend the time spent in mother nature. If you're lucky enough to live in Canada, where winters are long and cold, an outdoor kitchen can be one of the best ways for families with kids (and pets) alike to spend time together during those months when it's too cold or rainy outside for other activities like baseball games or swimming pools.

In the past, outdoor kitchens were exclusively for the rich and famous. But today, homeowners from every walk of life are seeing the benefits of turning their backyards into mini restaurants. It can be hard to know where to start when designing your outdoor kitchen. To help you get started on your own project, we've rounded up some of our favourite ideas to inspire you in your own outdoor cooking adventures!

Well-designed outdoor kitchen

Before you begin building your outdoor kitchen, it's important to know how much space you have available for it. Will it be built on an existing deck or patio? Do you want to include seating? You should also take into account whether or not there are any trees nearby that will cast shade over the area during certain times of day or create a mess with falling leaves & debris. Creating a kitchen under a covered pergola and close to the house is the perfect solution for staying dry and the enjoying the convenience of utilizing it all year long. Once these details have been figured out, then you can move forward with choosing the appliances you’d like to include and making a layout plan for where everything goes in relation to one another (i.e., where do I want my sink vs stove vs refrigerator?). Not everyone includes a wood-fired pizza oven in their outdoor kitchen planning but it’s definitely something to consider. Taking pizza night outside all year long can be a joy the kids will remember for years to come!

Everything you need in an outdoor kitchen

Now that you know where everything will go and you’ve made a list of the appliances you’d like, there are a few things to consider that you need to have in your outdoor kitchen. The first is to choose materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions--you don't want your new kitchen falling apart after one winter because it was made of flimsy materials. No matter where you live, you’ll want stainless steel appliances, like a stove, grill, and fridge. Granite countertops look great and are resistant to stains, so they're another good choice for your outdoor kitchen. You may also want to consider installing gas ranges instead of electric ones because they don't require any special wiring or outlets and can be easily hooked up to a gas line. This also ends the need to continually refill propane tanks.

The next thing you need is a stainless-steel sink with either single or double basin sinks depending on how big your space is. One of the most important things to include (and many people forget), is cupboards! Just like your indoor kitchen, you will have pots, pans, and dishes to store in between use. You don’t want to have to pull everything from in the house every time you want to cook outside, and you definitely don’t want to have to store everything in the house! You’ll want to create an area where all of those messy pots won't clutter up the countertop area when not in use, so make sure there's plenty of storage space within reach so everything has its place before guests come over.

Plant a garden nearby

Incorporate a garden into the planning of your new outdoor kitchen. Whether you fancy yourself a chef or not, it’s important to always have fresh ingredients at the ready and this includes home grown vegetables & herbs. Just imagine grabbing a few tomatoes, a cucumber, and a handful of basil from your garden and whipping up a fresh salad right there in your new beautiful outdoor kitchen. You’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood! A vertical garden surrounding your kitchen can be used for just that. Or plant some herbs in pots all around the area and enjoy the pungent fragrance in the air all the time. The possibilities are endless!

Experience the joy of cooking outside

Cooking outside is relaxing and therapeutic--especially after spending hours inside working. There's something about the fresh air and sunshine that makes cooking a more enjoyable experience, and even if you're not an avid cook, you may find yourself inspired by the open space and view. If you have ever tried to cook in a small apartment kitchen with little counter space, then you know how much stress it can cause when everything feels cramped together and there isn't enough room for all of your ingredients or tools. Cooking outdoors gives you back this freedom--you can spread out as much as needed! And with fewer distractions around (no TV or computer), it allows for more focused attention on what matters most: enjoying life with friends and family while making something delicious together. It's tempting to think of an outdoor kitchen as just another extension of your home but it's not just about having dinner in the backyard, it's about creating special moments in your life where you can enjoy the feeling of being outside, connected to nature and together with the ones you love.

Hosting the ultimate BBQ takes more than a good grill. You need a well-designed outdoor kitchen that makes it easy. If you are considering an outdoor kitchen of your own, Tree Amigos Landscaping can help turn your outdoor kitchen dreams into a reality. Call today or check out some of the beautiful kitchens they have created!