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Every landscaping project requires careful planning to ensure satisfaction all around. While you might not be the one lifting the beams, rendering the designs, or planting the flowers, your input in the planning of your outdoor projects is just as important. This month’s blog serves as your roadmap, offering guidance to navigate this season’s outdoor projects effectively. Packed with tips for planning your renovation and tailored design insights for different project types, you’ll soon be on your way to creating your dream backyard!

Determine the Purpose of the Space

Before planning your project, it’s important to figure out how you’ll use the area. Are you picturing it as a spot for big gatherings with loved ones or more of a safe outdoor playground for the kids? This decision will shape the entire design. The more specifics you can provide, the clearer your vision becomes, making it easier to prioritize what’s essential for your space. Consider creating a wish list to take things a step further. Think about features like a cozy fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, or a peaceful water feature. Having a wish list keeps your ideas on track and aligned with the purpose of your outdoor space.

Prepare an Estimated Budget

Budgeting is a key aspect of any outdoor renovation project. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the expenses involved. That’s why we developed our Build a Budget Tool. Once you’ve settled on a budget, or a range to allow for some flexibility, give our estimated budgeting tool a try for easy project planning. Our tool is designed to provide you with a rough idea of what your project might cost. Simply input the projects you’ve been dreaming of, along with their associated price points, scale, and material quality. It’s worth noting that this tool is for general project budgeting purposes and may not cover all styles and material options. However, once we begin the design phase of your project, we’ll be able to provide a more detailed and accurate quote. Give our Build a Budget tool a try today.

Find the right professionals for the job

Selecting a trustworthy contractor is vital. At Tree Amigos, we pride ourselves on our top-notch team. Our design and build experts have the skills and integrity needed to turn your outdoor space into something truly special. Whether you’re looking to have a new deck installed or a pergola, we only use premium materials to craft our award-winning landscapes, ensuring lasting quality. With our knowledgeable and experienced team, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Identify potential challenges & establish a timeline

When planning your outdoor project, it’s crucial to anticipate potential challenges. Take a stroll around the area and note any obstacles that could affect construction. For example, if your backyard has uneven terrain and you want to build a pool deck, you might need to level the ground first. Our build and design experts can offer valuable insights on what’s feasible, so don’t hesitate to seek their advice. If you have a deadline for project completion, communicate it early on to your contractor. Keep in mind factors like weather, which can cause delays. Stay patient and flexible if unexpected setbacks occur due to rain or other factors beyond anyone’s control.

Make smart budget choices

Even with budget limits, your dream backyard is still attainable. At Tree Amigos, we know how to balance your budget while bringing your outdoor vision to life. Our team offers cost-effective solutions without compromising style. Let our landscape design experts collaborate with you to find elements that fit your budget while enhancing your outdoor space.

Set ground rules before the project begins

Before the outdoor renovation project starts, set clear ground rules for the design, and build crew who will be on your property daily. Discuss details like the start and end times for work each day, the cleanup routine, storage for products and equipment, and whether they’ll need access to your home or garage. Eliminating guesswork ensures everyone’s satisfaction at the end of the day.

Ensure effective communication

Effective communication is essential for well-designed outdoor spaces. Before starting your project, identify your point of contact for addressing any concerns. Discuss how often you want updates on the project’s progress. Even with careful planning, unforeseen circumstances can arise during outdoor projects. Ensure you understand your landscape contractor’s procedure for handling changes.

Start Construction on Your Outdoor Projects

Although you might not be present on-site daily, you can still ensure the project progresses smoothly. Keep in touch with the design and build team regularly and check in daily to confirm the materials meet your expectations. Being present and addressing concerns acts as quality control, safeguarding the success of your investment.

Project Wrap-up!

All of the project steps are complete– now for the fun part! After the hard work of your landscape contractor and their crew, it’s time to relish your newly renovated outdoor space. If you’re completely satisfied with the finished project, be sure to recommend your landscape contractor to friends, family, and neighbours.

Landscaping Tips: Long-term Care and Maintenance

Once your outdoor projects are complete, it’s important to maintain their long-term beauty with proper care. The type of renovations you’ve done will determine the maintenance required. For instance, if you’ve installed paving stones for a patio seating area, they’ll need regular upkeep to remove dirt and stains caused by seasonal changes. To address stains, a power washer on a low setting with a stiff brush or broom can be used. Additionally, many water features require maintenance after a season of enjoyment. As the first frost approaches, plants surrounding water features should be removed or over-wintered. The water feature itself must be drained, with water lines removed, debris cleared, and the pump cleaned and stored properly to prevent premature failure. Before reinstalling the pump in the spring, it’s recommended to submerge it in a solution of water and vinegar for at least 24 hours to lubricate and clean it. Don’t forget these essential landscaping tips to keep your outdoor space looking its best!

Design Considerations for Your Outdoor Projects


A paver driveway can boost your home’s curb appeal and value instantly. Instead of matching the paver colour to your home, opt for a complementary shade. Borders and accents can help highlight certain colours from your home’s exterior. Adding vertical elements like planters, pillars, or decorative walls can further enhance your driveway’s beauty. For a sustainable option, consider permeable pavers, which allow rainwater to flow through the joints and into the ground below. This reduces puddles and ice buildup while providing moisture to nearby plants.

Front Entrances

Create a welcoming front entrance with charming steps, garden walls, planter boxes, and well-placed lighting. Don’t overlook small front yards – even they can accommodate a cozy seating area where you can savour your morning coffee. Make sure your front walkway is at least four feet wide for comfortable passage. These landscaping design tips will help you create an inviting and functional front entrance for your home.

Pool Decks

Consider the size of your pool deck carefully. While a four-foot perimeter is the minimum for basic access, if you intend to entertain, you’ll need to increase this significantly. Pool decks are also often walked on with bare feet, so it’s important to choose materials that won’t become uncomfortably hot in the sun. Opt for colours that don’t absorb as much heat and ensure that the surface is smooth for easy walking. Additionally, prioritize materials that are non-slip to prevent accidents.

Outdoor Living

Enhance your home’s living space by creating a new area for relaxation and entertainment! Even small spaces can feel larger with design elements like colours, borders and elevation changes. Use seat walls to define separate areas for cooking, dining, and lounging. Fire features have become increasingly popular as they add warmth and visual appeal to outdoor spaces, making them enjoyable year-round. Additionally, strategically placed lighting in gardens, walls, steps and pillars can add ambiance and extend the usability of outdoor areas into the evening hours.

Start Planning Your Outdoor Projects with Tree Amigos Today!

Planning outdoor renovations shouldn’t be overwhelming. With the project steps outlined above and Tree Amigos by your side, tackling your upcoming outdoor renovations will be a breeze. Ready to get started? Reach out to us today to request a quote or to discover more about the personalized design and build process for your project.