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Our Tree Amigos team believes your property deserves to look good during every season!

As one of the top landscaping companies in St. Catharines and Niagara, Tree Amigos specializes in a variety of seasonal services to care for your property and keep your home looking beautiful.

We understand how much of a chore it can be to maintain your property. It’s hard to have the energy for landscaping and upkeep when the list never seems to end. Let our team make property maintenance easy by doing the work for you! Our Care + Maintain services will provide you with the best care all year round. 

Our maintenance team has extensive knowledge of horticulture, which our clients appreciate when we’re preparing their properties in the spring. During this season there is much to do, including pruning trees and bushes to keep them healthy and growing their best in the warmer months.

Our team trims down overgrown areas such as walkways and edgings and cleans up fallen leaves. We also tidy up any damage caused in the winter like fallen branches or those pesky mole holes. Once everything is neat, we’ll care for your garden beds and lawns by offering soil amendment, cultivation and organic fertilizing. 

During the summer, we offer customized weekly maintenance services to keep your home or business looking wonderful. We provide regular lawn cutting that will leave you with more time to enjoy the outdoors without the chores.

Our landscaping team can enhance areas with decorative containers or add greenery to your space with annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. And we’ll keep up on the gardening and mulching so your property will be stunning in this beautiful season. You’ll have a green thumb without needing to do any of the dirty work!

When the cooler weather arrives, our Tree Amigos team will get your property ready for the winter. We believe there’s still lots of beauty left with your property during the fall and will make sure it shows! We’ll take care of leaf removal and freshen up your decorative containers to feature the colourful fall season.

We’ll get ahead of spring by making any necessary improvements to your lawn and gardens. This includes pruning and dividing perennials so your gardens will be well-prepared for the coming year. 

Sometimes, you may not have the time or energy to maintain your property. Tree Amigos can maintain and beautify it! If you want to enjoy your property to the fullest this year, request a Care + Maintain quote

Tree Amigos is a full-service landscaping company experienced in creating award-winning landscapes in St. Catharines and throughout the entire Niagara region. Contact us to learn more about how our landscape design services can transform your property.