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Spa Retreat

Spa Retreat

A newly built house offers a clean slate for a landscape design. This Niagara Falls home needed an entire cohesive plan for the front and backyard. The front yard driveway materials were chosen to add a bit of contrast to the sleek and modern design of the house. Unilock Windermere pavers with the flagstone texture achieved this look. Natural stone steps were installed to complement the existing concrete landing. The garden plant materials include the classics:  Boxwoods, Yews, and Hydrangeas. A Dawyck Beech adds a vertical design element.

The backyard features a swim spa and an outdoor kitchen area. In addition to creating the wow-factor, these two features were high on the priority list for the homeowners. The built-in kitchen materials are Unilock U-Cara Smooth with a natural granite countertop. Privacy screens built into the fence help to create the feeling of a retreat while adding design interest to the fence. The cedars add vertical interest and a pop of colour all year long. Patio material is Unilock Beacon Hill XL Slabs.

Overall, this smartly designed landscaping project has achieved all the functional priorities while using a complementary choice of material colours and textures.

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