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William Street

William Street

This project was designed and executed for a custom home builder in the Niagara Region.  The clients home was built in the historic old town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.  During the design process, many factors had to be considered with the building of a new home in the historic old town.  There were a few mature trees on the property that needed to be incorporated into the landscape.  In particular, one tree and a utility pole were directly inline with the garage, so when laying out the driveway a large swooping aesthetically pleasing curve had to be created to accommodate this.  On the garage side of the property a large swale was required for drainage and with that came into the challenges with retaining walls and step construction, allowing us to make to make grade changes.  A natural stone wall was installed, to define the side walkway, which was infilled with interlocking pavers, and large natural stone steps were used for the transitions. As for the gardens along the driveway side native plants were sourced to suit the mainly damp and low light conditions.

When choosing the pavers for the driveway, walkway and patio area; the size of the stone was real concern for the client. Smaller pavers with excessive joints was thought to be too busy, therefore the client requested a large size paving stone to go with the scale of the house and due to the large amount of area to be paved on the property. A smaller tumbled stone paver was used to create a border and to define the different areas as well as create a visual appeal.

A somewhat traditional type garden was created to lend itself the old town charm.  The formal layout of the boxwoods was installed to create a courtyard-like effect right in the front yard.  Cedar hedging was installed down part of the property line to create a natural barrier from the existing neighbours, as the house does site a bit further back on the property.

Once the project was paved, planted, irrigated, mulched, and sodded, it all came together as a beautiful clean and elegant landscape that will stay true to form for years to come, with beautiful blooms and minimal maintenance.

This project also won Best Residential Driveway in the 2016 Unilock Awards of Excellence.

(Products used:  Unilock Windermere in Irish Coast colour for the main areas with Unilock Brussels Block in Limestone colour for the border)

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