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Outdoor patio kitchen
Have you ever wondered how you can transform your outdoor living space into a cozy, functional extension of your home? With custom landscape designs, you can enjoy your favorite indoor amenities while soaking up the beauty of nature.
Tree Amigos finished outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are a fantastic way to use the space outside your home and celebrate the warm weather. But what happens to that perfect summer kitchen when the cool evenings start closing in?
Outdoor kitchen on patio under pergola
Outdoor kitchens are the latest trend, and for good reason. They bring the joy of cooking outdoors to a whole new level.To help you get started on your own project, we've rounded up some of our favourite ideas to inspire you in your own outdoor cooking adventures!
Outdoor Kitchen
One does not simply walk to the backyard to grill these days. We bring the entire kitchen with us! Gone are the days where we travel back and forth from our kitchen to our patio barbeque to prepare our meals. With outdoor kitchens, you can bring your entire meal prep to your grill.
Outdoor Kitchens Take the Heat Out of Summer Food Prep
Weather-proof countertop materials go industrial - and make perfect sense.
Outdoor kitchen's popularity on the rise
I can hear my grandfather's voice sputtering ... "Outdoor kitchen? Out of your mind! This is Canada, not Florida!"
Outdoor Kitchens
Do you love entertaining in the summer as much as I do? The Obvious answer is YES, every summer, we, Canadians, bask in the sun and have BBQ