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Gardner pruning fruit trees in yard
Spring is finally here. Now is as good a time as any to prepare your garden for any future flowers, plants, and vegetables you plan to grow in the upcoming season.
Outdoor stone path in garden with brown mulch
Spring is in the air, and it's time to get your garden back in action. Follow these 6 easy spring landscape ideas and you'll be thanking yourself when the hot weather approaches.
8 Tips for A Luscious Lawn
One way to test whether your lawn needs watering is to walk across and see how fast the blades bounce back. If the blades are slow to bounce back or are wilted or dull in colour, it may be time to give your lawn some water.
Frost on Grass by a Pond
As another year charges to a close, we want to encourage our clients planning to start work in the spring to begin the process of planning now. Learn more here!
Outdoor Gardening/Planting Has its Health Benefits
With spring only weeks away, now is a great time to try your thumb at gardening! The winter months can be tough. Between the long, dark days and the lack of vitamin D, many of us struggle to be active and stay positive through the winter blues.
Spring blooms brighten winter's departure
From snowdrops to crocuses, then daffodils and tulips and more, spring gardens are full of colour
Autumn, winter a time for planning spring projects
Landscaping teams at Tree Amigos love to work with our clients during the winter months, planning ahead for outdoor projects that begin construction in spring.
Hardworking homeowners get out their spring job jars
There is plenty of outdoor hard work ahead for homeowners this spring - but it's a sure sign of one thing: Summer's coming!
Lighting adds bling that makes a property 'pop'
If you're only thinking of one outdoor project this year, go for the gusto and consider having a quality, professionally designed lighting system installed.
Think positively: Spring is on its way
Tree Amigos landscaping and garden experts know that following a cold winter, young trees and shrubs are especially deficient in the nutrients they need to enable leafing out - that time you know spring has arrived, when all of a sudden, trees have the first sign leaves will soon be appearing.
Ease into spring
Ease into spring with landscape planning now
Making some changes this year to your great outdoors?

Start planning now, so you can relax and enjoy your summer
Expand Your Living Space with Outdoor 'Rooms'
Spring has arrived in Niagara, and with it comes a desire to spend time outdoors.

If your home and yard have space, you probably already have a deck, porch or patio that expands your living space during the warmer months.
That's a Load of... Fertilizer
As spring approaches in Niagara, at Tree Amigos, it's time to think about whether, and how, we need to feed our gardens.
Spring Pruning
Spring is the time to cut back overwintered perennials and prune shrubs to maintain shape as well as encouraging healthy growth. In fact pruning stimulates new growth
Spring Gardening Tips for Eager Green-Thumbs
With the arrival of spring many gardeners are eager to start planting their gardens. However, gardeners need to be careful about what they choose to plant since the nights still tend to be cool frost can develop, which is not an ideal condition for many plants.