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House curb appeal yard renovation
Are you feeling like your outdoor space is in need of a little TLC? Whether you're tired of your overgrown plants, craving a boost in curb appeal, or dreaming of a backyard paradise, Tree Amigos Landscaping is here to turn your vision into reality.
Backyard fitted with outdoor kitchen and gazebo on concrete patio stones
Careful financial planning is key to the success of any landscape project. Like any big investment, it provides a clear sense of direction, which can be incredibly helpful when you're in the early stages of planning your outdoor space.
Gardner pruning fruit trees in yard
Spring is finally here. Now is as good a time as any to prepare your garden for any future flowers, plants, and vegetables you plan to grow in the upcoming season.
Close up of cabbage plant covered in frost
In the vast expanse of Canada, where winters can be long and harsh, the idea of cultivating a thriving vegetable garden might seem like a distant dream. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of winter gardening in Canada, offering tips and insights to help you cultivate a flourishing winter vegetable garden.
Gazebo modern black and white architect landscape sketch
As the winter frost begins to recede and the days get longer, it's time to shake off the hibernation blues and set your sights on a vibrant springtime backyard upgrade. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and relaxation by strategically combining hardscaping and softscaping elements.
Pine green branches in hoarfrost late fall
Preparing your landscape for winter can be a lot of work, but it's worth it! Not only will some careful prep help your plants and trees survive the cold months ahead, but it will get you ahead of the gardening game when spring arrives.Here are some fall gardening tips that will keep you on track.
Model home with manicured front yard
The front yard is the first thing that people will notice about your home. With spring well under way, now is the perfect time to start considering curb appeal.
Outdoor stone path in garden with brown mulch
Spring is in the air, and it's time to get your garden back in action. Follow these 6 easy spring landscape ideas and you'll be thanking yourself when the hot weather approaches.
Boys collecting autumn leaves for composting
Longer days, warmer temperatures and a little sunshine are all signs that spring has arrived. The changing of the season also serves as a reminder to give our landscape some much-needed attention. Unsure of where to begin? Tree Amigos has got you covered.
Close-up of melting snow on tree leaves
Consider these 6 plants that can withstand Canadian winter temperatures and add even more brightness with our LED light idea to build your dream backyard!
White home covered in snow
It's easy to get bored with your landscape during the winter months. Wondering how to take your outdoor space from humdrum to amazing? Here are a couple of things that you can do to bring life back into your garden this winter.
Man planting a garden
There is still plenty that can be done outdoors. In addition to preparing your yard for next year, you can also improve your space with some fall foliage. If you want to keep your yard in shape this season while getting a head-start on spring, check out our most recent blog for tips.
Gardener Maintaining Some Trees
Landscaping is no different and navigating this process, depending on who you hire, can either be a nightmare or a dream come true. This blog will include some key points and things to look out for that will help you make your next landscape project a dream come true!
Tree Amigos Garden Bed Project
If you're at all doubtful of your green thumb, don't worry! As one of Niagara's top landscaping companies, we've rounded up some of the easiest flowers to grow. Here are our favorite flowers for beginners.
Person Pruning Tree
Outsourcing your landscaping duties saves you valuable time and energy while also ensuring that the job is always done right. A professional landscaper knows the ins and outs of their work and can be expected to produce high-quality outcomes for their clients!