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Example of A Tree Amigos Landscaping Project
As one of the premier landscaping companies in St. Catharines and Niagara, we help our clients
consider the various factors that can affect their landscape design. Here are some factors to consider if you have a new landscape design project in mind.
Person Removing Weeds
Weeds compete with your plants for resources like water, nutrients and invite pests and insects. Here are our top tips for how to remove in garden beds and lawns.
Irrigation Systems in Action
Depending on your landscaping requirements, an automated or smart irrigation system may be a smart and efficient option to keep your landscape healthy without the need for fertilizers or insecticides.
Property Value Growth
Trying to decide if it's worth doing an outdoor project for your home? Here's something to consider: landscaping can increase your home's value!
Mowing the Lawn
With Spring here, now is a great time to do some outdoor landscaping! If you have a landscaping plans this season, our Tree Amigos team wants to make sure all your hard work pays off. Here's our list of five common landscaping mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.
Dog Running in Backyard
When it comes to landscaping for your dogs, you don't have to sacrifice the beauty of your outdoor space. Here are our six tips that iwll keep your property looking great when landscaping for our canine friends.
Outdoor Gardening/Planting Has its Health Benefits
With spring only weeks away, now is a great time to try your thumb at gardening! The winter months can be tough. Between the long, dark days and the lack of vitamin D, many of us struggle to be active and stay positive through the winter blues.
Tree Amigos Wooden Privacy Screens
We spend a lot of time making our homes a haven, but sometimes our spaces can feel exposed. Discover if more privacy is something you need on your property.
Person Digging into Grass
Our Tree Amigos team believes your property deserves to look good during every season.
As one of the top landscaping companies in St. Catharines and Niagara, Tree Amigos specializes in a variety of seasonal services to care for your property and keep your home looking beautiful.
Winter scene with frosted pine branches.
For a year that has been challenging for many local businesses, we are grateful for our clients who supported our Niagara/St. Catharines landscaping company. Our Tree Amigos team has much to be thankful for this holiday season.
Landscape project with fire feature
With the cooler weather here, our Tree Amigos team wants you to be able to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. We've designed and installed outdoor fireplaces and covered pergolas to create warm, sheltered places to cozy up year-round with your friends and family.
Landscaping Around Pool
Did you make a big splash by investing in a pool this summer? If you did, our Tree Amigos team is thrilled you added this fantastic addition to your backyard!
Waterfall in Backyard
Are you looking to add a little splash to your backyard? A water feature may be just what you need for your landscape design!
Backyard with Professional Landscape Design
Whether you want to install that deck you've been dreaming of or have been needing some extra foliage to increase your privacy and add some dimension, Tree Amigos is here to help you design and build your dream backyard.
Lush Greenery Boxwoods
Every client has a unique request when it comes to adding greenery into their landscape design project!