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Weather-proof countertop materials go industrial - and make perfect sense.
Keep your new landscaping fresh and healthy with just the right amount of water this summer.
When temperatures soar, enjoy your patio by adding features that offer cooling tactics, like misters, umbrellas, fountains or waterfalls.
Whether it's on a trellis or a pergola, your living privacy screen offers other benefits too.
Spring a perfect time to revisit your outdoor lighting system, so as weather permits, you can head outdoors no matter the time of day.
From snowdrops to crocuses, then daffodils and tulips and more, spring gardens are full of colour
Creative use of smaller spaces allows postage stamp-sized yards to measure up to their larger neighbours.
January is a great time to plan your outdoor yard makeover. At Tree Amigos, we're here to help!
Everybody has that one neighbour who, every winter, aims to turn his or her house into a private version of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

If you live near any of our Tree Amigos staff, it might even be us!
Landscaping teams at Tree Amigos love to work with our clients during the winter months, planning ahead for outdoor projects that begin construction in spring.
I can hear my grandfather's voice sputtering ... "Outdoor kitchen? Out of your mind! This is Canada, not Florida!"
When picking patio or driveway material, pay attention not only to the cost of the project, but to costs for annual maintenance.

If you plan on doing just one value-adding improvement this year, make it outdoor lighting for your personal retreat
There is plenty of outdoor hard work ahead for homeowners this spring - but it's a sure sign of one thing: Summer's coming!
Waterfalls and flickering flames turn your patio into a true backyard oasis