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Maintaining a lawn takes effort and money, if you could save on both wouldn’t you? This season instead of spending your time and money on multiple fertilizer treatments and only to see short term superficial results, instead take a look at your lawn and look for troubled areas that can be improved. Look at the signs and symptoms of our lawns needs. How’s the soil condition of your lawn? To enrich the soil conditions try top-dressing your lawn with a compost /soil blend, this will give the lawn the natural nutrients it needs. Here’s a tip, add an over-seed mixture when doing this, it will help thicken up the lawn. Check for low spots. Low spots will pool water causing rot and winter damage. To fix this simply level low spots with screened top-soil. Excess thatch? Rake your lawn in the spring…the lawn needs to breath. Do you notice any insect or pest problem? Insects that attack the lawn often hibernate in leaf piles over the winter…so make sure all leaves are removed from lawn and garden in the fall. Water is the basic element of life, keep your lawn on a proper watering plan. Here’s a simple fact; weeds will not grow in a healthy thick lawn. So this lawn growing season with these simple tips put your efforts in the right direction…you’ll not only make better use of your time and money, you will see the results…and the grass will be greener on your side of the fence!

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Brian Roy, Owner / Maintenance Coordinator
Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc.