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A whiteout is atop many of our holiday wish lists this year, but unfortunately for us, it is not a guarantee. If the last few years are any indicator, dreaming of a White Christmas may be futile this month. But why should this stop us from celebrating to the fullest? After all, the holidays are showing our appreciation and gratitude for the things we have and the people around us!


At Tree Amigos, our mantra is: providing you with the best care in every season. No matter the solution, we crave the confidence of knowing that our features are gifts that keep on giving. That’s why our Design + Build team puts such a tremendous amount of care and thought into each design that we execute—so that you and your family can be just as excited about your new pergola, outdoor kitchen, or fire feature, etc., in December as you were on Canada Day weekend! 

The Tree Amigos team wants to help you create a magical winter experience in your own backyard this year. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of exciting ways that you can celebrate the holidays outdoors with your family this year! So, without further ado—let’s get started:

1.     Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (Or, Whatever You’d Like—We Won’t Judge)

We’ve all heard the song. On a cold winter night, nothing beats huddling around a warm fire with the kids, roasting marshmallows for s’mores and singing Christmas carols. Sounds like a lovely evening, doesn’t it? If you take the right precautions, you can get a lot of use out of your fire feature this December. We recommend equipping yourself with a breathable, water-resistant, and reinforced cover that will protect your device from pests, rodents, moisture—and by extension, rust!

2.     Decorate Your Patio!

There are plenty of outdoor holiday decorations on the market that can elevate your yard from humbug to winter wonderland, but if you really want to make this year special, consider making decorations with your family! Another trip to Walmart is forgettable—not to mention potentially expensive!—but creating meaningful and personal holiday décor is an excellent way to create lifelong memories, as well as traditions to be lovingly passed on to the next generation! To create the perfect ambiance, swap out the LED lights in your custom landscape lighting solution with some more colourful options!

For some great holiday craft ideas to make with the kids, check out this lovely article from Country Living!

3.     Smoke Your Christmas Dinner!

We often think of grilling and smoking as summer pastimes, but this need not be the case. If you’ve got yourself a Tree Amigos outdoor kitchen, consider cooking your feast outside this holiday season. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to serve your mother-in-law hamburgers and hot dogs! Grilling or smoking the pièce de resistance of your table—whether a ham, turkey, or luscious prime rib—imparts wonderful flavour, keeping the meat tender and juicy, while also freeing up valuable real estate in your indoor oven. It’s a win-win!

Heading outdoors this holiday season is a great way to create new, exciting, and memorable holiday traditions for you and your family. With that being said, we are so grateful to our clients who have continued to trust us with their properties this year. It has been a pleasure to serve you and to remind ourselves in the process why we do what we do. We wish you a blessed holiday season filled with the warmth and company of loved ones. Here’s to 2022—a year filled with happiness and inspiration!

- Your Tree Amigos Family

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