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Landscaping encompasses a wide variety of activities. Not all of these activities are simple to do yourself, however.

Sometimes, undertaking DIY landscaping and home renovation projects can do more harm than good. Like with most things, there is a time to do it yourself and a time to call in the professionals.

Outsourcing your landscaping duties can save you valuable time and energy while also ensuring that the job is always done right. A professional landscaper knows the ins and outs of their work and can be expected to always find and implement the right materials and techniques to produce high-quality outcomes for their clients.

Here are just a few reasons why and when you should consider hiring a professional landscaper to maintain your property:

It can save you valuable time

With our busy lifestyles and work schedules today, many people simply do not have the time to invest in upkeeping their landscapes and home exteriors. But that does not mean that you should have to sacrifice having a landscape or exterior that you can take pride in.

Hiring a professional landscaper allows you do spend time doing what you love while we do what we love—beautifully transforming our clients’ landscapes and home exteriors!

It can also save you material-related headaches!

When it comes to materials, there are many questions: Which materials will you use for your particular project? How do you know which material is best? Will the materials you have chosen stand up against the elements? How will you source them? After you have sourced them, how will you get them home?  It is enough to make your head spin!

Luckily, at Tree Amigos, we are material experts! We say—benefit from our extensive knowledge and our network of material connections this year. If you have the perfect design in mind and you want to enact it just like in your vision, we can make that happen.

We’ve got plant knowledge 

If you have a green thumb, there is a good chance you know what plants you’d like populating your landscape. If not, however, our landscapers are here to provide our wealth of plant knowledge to make your landscape as beautiful as possible while also considering which plants are most amenable to your yard’s ecosystem.  

It’s all about the planning

As an experienced landscaping company, we have mastered the planning process. We know where to start and where to go from there because we know how all of the component parts of your landscape come together to form a beautiful whole. And if any challenges should arise along the way, trust that we’ve probably seen it before and we know just how to solve it!

OK—so, when should you call in the experts?

Lawn maintenance

Making your lawn lush and verdant like a golf course is harder than you might expect. If you want your lawn and gardens to radiate like a luxurious magazine cover, we can help. Our team of landscaping professions know healthy lawns and can nail every component to ensure that your lawn has the correct balance and nutrients to thrive.


Hardscaping is a term used to describe the more intensive labour that goes into crafting things like driveways, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, fire features, retaining walls, pavers, and fountains/water features. Hardscaping gives your property a feeling of solidity, making all the component parts of your landscape come together as an organized, harmonious whole.

It should be obvious that these tasks are best left to the professionals. A pro landscaper not only understands which materials and techniques are best for getting the job done, they have lots of experience doing it and know exactly how to highlight your property’s unique features safely, efficiently, and beautifully.

Tree care

Trees are complicated. If not properly cared for, they can cause significant damage to your home and surrounding area or cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, to remove.

It’s right there in our name—we are friends to the trees! Our tree care experts have the knowledge to ensure that the beautiful arbours lining your property will thrive for years to come. And if you want to increase your tree family—we’ve got you covered in that department as well.

Contact Tree Amigos today

Whatever your schedule or budget, there are many ongoing and standalone makeover and maintenance projects that the Tree Amigos team can help you enact. 

We are full-service landscaping company experienced in creating award-winning landscapes in St. Catharines and around the Niagara Region. Contact us today to learn more about how our landscape design services can transform your property!