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Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to get your lawn photo ready!

To help with this process, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips, which you’ll find below! So, grab a pen and a pad of paper because you’re going to want to write this stuff down.

Spring clean-up with your rake

Raking is at the top of this list for a reason. It’s the first thing you need to do to prepare your lawn for new growth.

Spring raking removes lingering leaves and grass blades that didn’t survive the winter. If left untouched, these will become part of your lawn’s thatch layer, which is a layer of dead grass and lawn clippings that accumulate. This is not ideal as it prevents the germination of new grass seed and promotes fungus growth and pest infestation. So, if your soil is nice and dry, grab a rake, we recommend using a spring-tine rake, and get to it!

Say sayonara to lawn patches

If your lawn has patches from heavy traffic, dog spots or neglect, overseeding can help!

Overseeding is the process of sowing seed over existing grass. During this process, you’ll want to use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. You should also monitor the seed to make sure it stays moist until it’s sprouted and is actively growing. Once the grass germinates and sprouts, you can switch to a normal fertilization routine.

Fall is typically the best time to overseed but if your grass is in desperate need, you can also do so in the spring. Just be prepared to fight the crabgrass that will pop up.

Give your soil some room to breathe

Aerating is vital for a healthy lawn. Over time the soil beneath high traffic areas becomes compacted and uninviting to grass roots. This process reverses this damage as the removal of aeration plugs offers roots room to spread while providing the soil with air, nutrients and moisture.

Aerating in the spring is often discouraged because the holes provide the perfect spot for weed seeds to infiltrate. But if you must aerate in the spring, consider doing so around the end of May, after the weeds have started growing.

Fight off weeds before it’s too late

Weeds are in a constant competition with your lawn. If you wait too long to treat them, you’ll spend your entire summer battling them.

When seeking treatment for weeds, you have two options. You can either use a pre-emergent herbicide, which addresses weeds before they emerge, or a post-emergent herbicide, which kills weeds after they’ve germinated.

Water your lawn the right way

Knowing when to water your lawn can be a bit tricky. We often assume it needs an abundance of water to look evergreen, but this isn’t always the case.

In general, grass needs an inch of water per week, whether from rain, a sprinkler or garden hose.

One way to test whether your lawn needs watering is to walk across and see how fast the blades bounce back. If the blades are slow to bounce back or are wilted or dull in colour, it may be time to give your lawn some water.

Get your lawn mower ready for the season

During the spring and summer months, your lawn mower is your best friend. And what kind of friend would you be if you didn’t make sure it was in good shape before the season ramps up?

Inspect your lawn mower and if necessary, take it in for service or if you’re feeling up to it, give it a tune-up yourself: change the oil, install new spark plugs, and replace the air filter.

Now that you’ve crossed those off the list, sharpen the mower blade or replace it if it has large nicks or gouges. We also recommend keeping an extra blade in the shed or garage, so you’re always guaranteed to have a lawn cut with the sharpest blade. And finally, don’t forget to fill the fuel tank!

Find out if your soil is healthy

To grow tall, lush emerald grass, you’ll need to ensure the soil you’re using is healthy.

To do so, test your soil using a soil pH kit, which you can get from your local garden centre. This test will inform you where your soil currently stands, so you can adjust accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Getting your lawn in tip top shape for the spring is a lot of work! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, landscaping companies like Tree Amigos can help! We offer several services that will enhance all the best features of your property’s plants, shrubs, trees and lawn.

Tree Amigos is a full-service landscaping company experienced in creating award-winning landscapes in Niagara on the Lake and throughout the entire Niagara Region.

For more information on how we can help you with your outdoor spring cleaning, give us a call at (905) 468-9557, or visit our website to get an accurate quote from the Tree Amigos team!