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 You put a lot of effort into making your home and backyard look stunning. So, don’t you think it should be seen even after the sun goes down? Choosing the right lighting can highlight your home’s architectural features, add ambiance to your outdoor space, and increase safety and security.

We pride ourselves on creating personalized outdoor spaces for homes in the Niagara Region that match your unique lifestyle. Let’s flip the switch and light up your landscape at night! This blog will highlight the several benefits landscape lighting offers and how Tree Amigos can help create the lit-up landscape you’ve always dreamed of. 

1. Safety and Security

As a homeowner, safety is a top priority. Landscaping companies can ensure that your backyard, front yard, and the sides of your house are well-lit. More than just the safety of your home, landscape lighting is effective to light the way for your guests. Minimizing trips and falls through every season is another benefit to lighting up your yard space. Whether you’re interested in boundary lighting around your fence and property edges to deter uninvited guests, or you’re looking to light up your entertaining space, landscaping companies like Tree Amigos offer personalized solutions for your home needs.

2. Maximized Living-Space

Your outdoor space is just as much a part of your home as your indoor living space. Lighting the way goes above and beyond to create the optimal atmosphere for relaxing, unwinding and rejuvenating in your personal oasis. Some backyard ideas that we love are:

  • A lit path to your firepit
  • Front porch ambience
  • Lighting nearby the pool for late-night swims
  • Feature lighting to highlight a garden centrepiece and reinforce property boundaries
  • Back patio or deck mood lighting

3. Set the Tone of Your Home

When it comes to setting the tone for your evening, lighting plays a large role. Spring barbeques, summer night pool swims, fall evening cocktail parties and cozy winters in can all benefit from landscape lighting. More than that, nothing shows off your home better than a tasteful display of lights. By accentuating key features of your home, you can create the perfect ambience.

Dazzle your guests with a personalized lighting setup that fits the mood or settle in solo to enjoy a night to yourselves. Tree Amigos is educated, experienced and excited to light up your landscape. We’ve been serving the Niagara Region since 2001, and we’re happy to help turn your backyard ideas into your perfect landscape.

4. Low-Maintenance All-Season Appeal

With many high-quality options to choose from when it comes to lighting fixtures, your backyard ideas can come to life easily and stay perfected all through the year. Installation is also quite simple, with the longevity and lighting capabilities of fixtures being quite impressive.

Developing the right plan makes a huge difference when it comes to your backyard ideas for landscape lighting. Our team At Tree Amigos can provide you with full-service landscaping design, including your lighting. We’re excited to bring your dreams to reality. 

5. Affordability Makes It Easy

LED lighting offers a simple yet effective solution to landscape lighting. Using very little hydro, these powerful bulbs can light the way in every season. Outdoor lighting solutions are energy-efficient and designed to be durable. There are plenty of excellent choices to illuminate your landscape and Tree Amigos is ready to create the plan for you to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

Our landscape team is established and knowledgeable. We’re committed to excellent service. Choosing us to. Highlight the unique beauty of your property means investing in turning your dream home into your every-day reality. Contact us to get started with your backyard projects today.