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Any parent or guardian with small children knows how much “help” they want to be when you’re out working in your garden. I think this is the perfect time to get them involved and along the way teach them many life skills that will enrich their lives

Start them young!!! By the age of 2 or 3, they will love “working” in the soil finding many bugs and worms and even watering plants. Keep everything simple and flexible. This will pay huge dividends.


Once your little greenthumb has graduated soil and bugs 101, its time to let them spread their wings and start a sunny little garden of their own. Start small, a 3 ft x 3 ft raised garden in the back of your yard is perfect to start. Now, choose a theme, make it kid friendly to hold their attention throughout the year. There are lots of different exciting ways to go here. Be Creative.

Here are a few of my favorite themed child friendly gardens:

Herb and Veggie Gardens
Cherry or Grape Tomatoes are great! And you can add lots of colour and shapes with many varieties of heirloom tomatoes, or purple carrots and candy-cane beets. There are many herbs that are very easy to grow such as mint and dill! There will be nothing more rewarding to your child than sitting down to a nice family dinner that was produced from their garden.

Purple Carrots, and Beets Heirloom Tomatoes

Alice in Wonderland Garden
This is a fun way to do a “BIG and SMALL” garden. Pick a few easy to care for large perennials or annuals such as Sunflowers, Echinacea, or Canna Lilies, and pair them tiny, low growing ground covers such as Ajuga, Thyme, or miniature Strawberries for example.

Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens
There are many plants your child can grow that will give them the best chance to see multiple birds, and butterflies throughout the summer. Perennial shrubs such as Butterfly Bush, or Honeysuckle provide year after year of attractive blooms and fragrance. Paired with vibrant annuals like Fushia, Marigolds, or any Salvia will keep the garden looking great all year and definitely tempt our fluttering friends all summer long

Finally, have FUN!! That is really what’s important here. Keep it simple, exciting, and be Patient.

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