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Tired of the same look to your garden? Why not try planting tropicals; they will always draw some attention, with their bold, exotic look. Today’s landscape trends are focused on outdoor living, so more people are spending more money on improving their yard, to create a home oasis instead of taking an island vacation. There is nothing more relaxing than lying in a hammock surrounded by palm trees, bananas and canna lilies.

A Little more planning and maintenance is required when using tropicals in a planting. Tropical plants typically don’t grow in Canada because of the cold winter season, but we all know the summers can get hot enough. The easiest way to incorporate tropical is to keep them in containers, so when October rolls around they can be brought into the home or outbuilding for overwintering. Or if you want to make the plant blend into the landscape, dig a hole and simply put the pot right into the ground, then at the end of the season grab the sides of the pot and pull it out of the ground. If your plant is too large or sensitive to fit into your home or garage a good tip is to find a local greenhouse and ask if they will take it in for the winter months. Most tropical will go dormant in the winter months, so they will not need minimal watering and light to survive. Once the snow has all disappeared and the daytime temperature is consistently above 16 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the plants can be put back outdoors and will slowly acclimatize themselves to the cooler nights.

Next time you’re out thinking of new plant ideas, ask the local nursery for some bold exotic tropical, like a palm or banana to make a dramatic effect for the patio or pool area.

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