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There are so many garden styles to choose from, and most people ask for something different and low maintenance, Prairie style will do just that. The typical area for prairie gardens are large properties with rolling hills, lots of hot sun and cold windy winters. Here in southern Ontario we have somewhat the same conditions, but we just have to adapt it to our own landscape.

Prairie style gardens are mainly created using a wide variety of ornamental grasses. Native plants are also used to break up the texture and add some colour into the landscape. In my opinion ornamental grasses are the main focus, they are inexpensive, very low maintenance, and have an interesting look all year long. They can be planted in masses or as an individual specimen. Ornamental grasses have many good attributes, they can be used to create a natural looking fence or screen for privacy, soften the look of hard structures, can be used for erosion control on hillsides. Grasses also grow in many different soil types and are very pest and disease resistant.

When planning a prairie landscape with a lot of grasses make sure to plant in large groupings of 5 or more, and to leave enough room for the plants to fill the space. Here are a few of my recommendations for prairie style plantings: Maiden grass, Feather reed grass (Karl Forester, Overdam), Japanese silver grass, Pampas grass, Fountain grass, Switch grass. Remember to add in some native flowering perennials, like Black Eyed Susans and Purple cone flower for a pop of colour.

For more ideas about Prairie Landscapes please contact
Eric Olfert, Owner / Construction Coordinator
Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc.