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For many homeowners, the word “Water Garden” translates to expensive, along with countless hours of maintenance to go along with it. For others, worries of having open water on their property outweighs the potential beauty and soothing sounds a water garden can create.

Today, there are many new cost effective solutions that will allow you to have the sound of running water, without the back-breaking maintenance. These new “Pondless Water Features” are also safe for your pets and small children by not providing an open pool of water for any potential accidents.
These water features take less time to install, use less material, and because there is no open water, the pump doesn’t have to continuously cycle, saving on costly hydro bills. These gardens are usually smaller in size so they are very adaptable and sizable to fit almost anywhere on your property.
Here are Some Examples of Pondless Water Features:
1) Bubbling Rock (s)
2) Fountainscapes
3) Pondless Waterfalls
1) A Bubbling Rock 2) A Pondless Waterfall
At Tree Amigos Landscaping, we work closely with local dealers (see to provide our customers with the best solutions for their property. Call our design team today to discuss which application would best serve you.