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OK, so it's a little early for snow, right?


This is Niagara, and in some parts, due to large, open bodies of water, extreme weather can result in early, lake-effect snowfalls. Think back to October, 2006. Buffalo and Fort Erie were hit with an Oct. 13 surprise lake-effect storm that dumped as much as 61 centimeters of the white stuff on areas surrounding Buffalo and across the Lake in Fort Erie. Temperatures fell to as low as 1C; icy rain turned to snow and the sudden temperature drops caused tree branches to break and power lines to be affected.

So, it can happen!

Are you ready for anything, Niagara?

Snow removal contractors have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice – if snow falls overnight, business and residences need snow cleared, as soon as possible. Places with parking lots, like shopping centres or restaurants, will see a drop in business if snow doesn’t get cleared quickly - so to make it happen, and keep business flowing smoothly - they rely on snow removal contractors. You could say, that in winter, snow removal contractors keep Niagara in business.

If you are thinking of hiring a snow contractor, now is the time to go about it, before that first, surprise snowstorm hits. If you are requesting quotes, pick several local firms and ask them all the same questions. That way, your quote will be for the same services, for each contractor.

Ask questions like:

  • Is the company licensed and insured?
  • How long has the company been operating?
  • What type of equipment will be used?
  • What is the minimum snowfall that will bring the contractors out?
  • How soon will your parking lot be cleared following a snowstorm, and is the service guaranteed?
  • If the contractor needs to communicate with the customer, how soon will this happen following a snowfall?
  • Will you pay monthly, per visit or a flat fee up front, before your contract with the service provider is signed?
  • Does the company offer a one-time only service?

If you aren’t willing to sign a contract, it might be possible to hire a snow removal contractor for a one-time-only visit.

  • Does the snow removal contractor provide a vacation service?

If you are a residential customer, you might want to look into service especially during times when you might take winter vacation. Some companies offer vacation service, keeping your home looking occupied even when you are visiting Mickey Mouse, or cruising the Pacific Ocean.

  • Why should you use a snow removal contractor?

If you’re a business owner and you have been removing your company’s snow yourself, think of the time you are losing out on - not to mention the sleep, if you are waking up early to get a parking area cleared. Snow removal contracting makes sense for you. As a residential customer, trusting snow removal to the experts makes sense, too - you’ll avoid injuries caused by shoveling or slipping on the ice, and you will save yourself time - think of the days when it snowed all day, and you had to shovel twice just to get the car put away.

Don’t hesitate to ask your potential snow removal contractors every question you can think of. They want your business, so they will happily provide you with all the answers they can.


For the snow removal contractor, “snow” isn’t a four-letter word! Contact us today about our snow removal package options (905) 937-5353 | or learn more here.