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Spring has arrived in Niagara, and with it comes a desire to spend time outdoors.

If your home and yard have space, you probably already have a deck, porch or patio that expands your living space during the warmer months.

What if you could divide that outdoor space into two or more “rooms,” adding value to your home and giving you options for maximum garden enjoyment?

At Tree Amigos, we have some great ideas for using creative landscaping to separate patio and yard areas, creating usable spaces for tasks like barbecuing, casual entertaining and even play

Imagine entertaining on the patio, while just a few feet away, some guests are gathered around the ’BBQ, and an impromptu soccer game is taking place beyond a decorative, but serviceable hedge and garden area. We can even find room in your garden area for herbs, so you have them close at hand while you are in your outdoor ‘kitchen.’

Want a waterfall or pond feature? No problem! Area for a vegetable garden? That’s OK! A treehouse for the kids? You bet!

Come see us, or request a consultation with one of our landscape designers. We’ll provide you with a concept design proposal, which we can use to begin our final plan. Once that has been OK’d by you, we’ll begin ordering materials and securing permits as required. Installation will, as always, be at your convenience.

Give us a call at 905-937-5353. or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!