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Led LandscapeWe love to sit out in our garden on a summer evening, now that the experts at Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc. have helped us design and build our outdoor dream retreat.

We wanted a simple stone seating area, separated from the garden area by a calming water feature. They designed a beautiful covered patio and put low-maintenance shrubbery in the garden for us. We have a play area for our grandchildren and a seating area for adults in which we just love to spend time. Whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening, you will find us out there as weather permits - and sometimes even in the rain - enjoying our beautiful retreat.

Tree Amigos experts made our lighting selections easy, explaining the benefits of going with blend of hanging and in-garden, low-voltage LED (light-emitting diode) light fixtures.

Picture it now: We are outside with our after-dinner coffee and dessert, enjoying time on the patio with friends. The sun has gone down, and the light is fading quickly. Suddenly, the garden comes to life with lights placed on the perimeter, and a gentle, soft lighting illuminates our covered patio, like magic. Well, it’s on a timer, after all!

Our water feature has 12-volt underwater lights placed in it; 12-volt in-ground spotlights outline the pathway, and overhead on the patio, an LED-enhanced ceiling fan swirls gently, keeping the air moving under the canopy while providing a gentle light for reading.

If you have been wishing for professional lighting to compliment your outdoor retreat, there is one thing for sure: The design and build experts at Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc. won’t keep you in the dark! They explained our low-voltage LED systems, even providing information on how much hydro we would use and how to set our timers. We could have spent more on a more sophisticated system, but with Tree Amigos guiding us, we were confident in our choices thanks to their knowledge and support.

If you are putting in an outdoor retreat this season, they will do the same thing for you, too!

Contact Tree Amigos at their Virgil office at 905-937-5353. You can email questions to, or fill out the page to request a quote on the company’s website, via