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Have you ever suddenly had an idea for taking what you have around you, and making it better?

For some people, this is a dream they have almost daily. They love their homes, but they have an idea, a visual, a concept … and here’s where Tree Amigos can help.

Outdoor Patio

Our new company division is called Concept Creations. We do exactly what our name says - take your concept and make it a creation!

Lawn Reno

Our home improvement firm serves the Niagara Region. Our ability to listen to your ideas and turn them into your dream space, either indoors or outdoors, is something we take pride in. We will listen and spend some time with our clients to come up with a plan and a budget, and we strive to put that plan into place on budget and on time.

We’re concentrating on the great outdoors right now. Some of our specialty areas include fencing and deck work, privacy screens, pergolas and stone work, including pillars, accent walls and many other outdoor features.

Pool Fence
If you have a visual of what you’d like, but can’t seem to grasp the details of a plan, we’d love to talk to you about your ideas. There’s a very good chance we can translate it into a backyard oasis. That’s why we are called Concept Creations!

To request information, visit our website at and send us a note via our contact page, at Or, give the office a call, at 289-969-5353.

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!