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As spring approaches, it’s time to think about feeding young trees and shrubs

Winter, for trees and shrubs, is a time when growth slows and energy is directed at keeping a plant’s root system alive.

The roots, for trees and shrubs, is where food is taken in.

Tree Amigos garden experts know that following a cold winter, young trees and shrubs are especially deficient in the nutrients they need to enable leafing out - that miraculous time you know spring has arrived, when all of a sudden, trees have a hazy, green appearance on their branches - the first sign leaves will soon be appearing.

Imagine the energy it takes for a young tree to be able to do this, especially if winter has been harsh. If the tree or shrub is very young, it may not be established enough to keep itself alive and still manage to produce leaves.

That’s where you can step in and save the day: All you need to do is arrange to have your trees and shrubs “fed” in the spring.

Tree Amigos can help! If you plan to fertilize your lawn in the spring, we know that any trees and shrubs bordering it will make use of some of that fertilizer. 

However, especially for young trees and shrubs, the balance of nitrogen and phosphorous is important: The trees and shrubs won’t require as much nitrogen as the lawn does, while they’ll need more in the way of phosphorous. And, they’ll need to be fed directly. Our garden experts will know just how much fertilizer is needed, and how best to apply it.

Here’s a chemistry lesson: The numbers on a bag of fertilizer indicate how much nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium it contains. They are always listed in the same order: N - P - K, with the K standing for potassium as indicated by its Latin name, Kalium. Fertilizer intended strictly for grass may not contain phosphorous, but may instead contain some inert ingredients that make it easier to spread.

Because our garden experts paid attention in their horticultural science classes, the fertilizer Tree Amigos chooses for your trees and shrubs will match the needs of your garden. If your trees and shrubs produce lovely blooms, we will feed extra phosphorous to encourage blooming. For beautiful, leafy foliage, we may feed a little more nitrogen.

Spring fertilization for trees and shrubs can take place as soon as the plants show signs of new growth. When you see that faint green haze surrounding your tree branches, it’s time!

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