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LightingWe have entered into that time of year when the white stuff is turning into rain and you’re looking out that window wondering what to do.  This is the perfect time to start planning your to do list for your landscape.

March and April are great months to peruse plant and seed catalogues to find those ‘missing pieces’ to your gardens.  This is also a great time to make a wish list for this summer’s landscaping improvements, BIG or Small.

When making your ‘project list’, Tree Amigos thinks that you should add a professionally installed landscape lighting system to that list.  You would be surprised at the value a properly designed and installed quality lighting system can add to your property.

Say your property is beautifully landscaped.  You have a beautiful outdoor entertaining area.  What do you when the sun goes down?  Can you show your yard features to your guests? That beautiful statue you purchased, or that specimen tree.  Do you take the gathering inside?  Are you always telling your guests to “Watch out for that step”?

Landscape lighting can illuminate all desirable areas and features of your landscape as well as HIDE maybe any undesirable areas.  It can provide safety to your family and guests by highlighting any harzardous areas such as steps, ponds, etc., as well as create an ambiance making your house ‘the place to be’ and the envy of the neighbours.

Let the Tree Amigos planning and design experts help you light the way to a staycation-inducing backyard retreat!

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