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There is plenty of outdoor hard work ahead for homeowners this spring - but it’s a sure sign of one thing: Summer’s coming!

Springtime in Niagara means big jobs for homeowners. Along with indoor spring cleaning and regular seasonal tasks, like washing windows, there are gardens to tidy; lawns, shrubs and trees to fertilize, and outdoor maintenance tasks to complete.

At Tree Amigos, our experts advise that the bigger the job, the earlier it’s begun means the earlier it’s done. Simply put: Do the big jobs first, then concentrate on all the smaller details, so you’ll still have plenty of weekend and evening hours to enjoy your property, and the beauty of spring in Niagara.

As part of our landscape maintenance services, Tree Amigos experts can arrange to look after the needs of your lawn and garden this spring. But there is quite a bit of outdoor home maintenance that homeowners can do themselves. Our specialists have come up with the following list of typical outdoor spring jobs, with one big piece of advice: Don’t try to do it all in one weekend!

* Starting with the biggest job first, concentrate on clearing eavestroughs; checking roof, flashing and chimneys for winter damage; clearing drainspouts and setting out rain barrels, if you use them. If repairs to any of your drainage systems or your roof are required, now is the time to put out calls to local companies to get quotes. The earlier any damage is repaired, the better.

* Some homeowners like to paint or seal their home’s foundation, to give it a uniform, tidy appearance. Now’s a good time to do this, before foliage gets in the way. It will also give you the opportunity to check as you go for cracks or other damage. 

* You’ll be needing water soon, so now’s a good time to check all outside faucets for winter damage. Change washers, inspect hoses for damage and test all systems, too. If the weather’s nice, you might even include a spring car wash as part of your test.

Now that water is connected, it’s a good time to turn your attention to driveways, decks, fences and patios.

* Wash down the driveway, then investigate for cracks and repair as necessary. Once cracks are filled, now’s a good time for sealing, too.

* Check wooden decks and fences for rot or other problems caused by winter’s harsh winds. Repair damage and wash all boards and rails down thoroughly. If it’s time for staining or painting, try to find a window of a couple of days to do this when clear weather is forecast. Remember to read all instructions thoroughly: Some stains and paints are best applied during times of shade, not in direct sunlight.

* If your patio is made up of individual stones, it may be time for re-levelling everything. Shifting of stones can be caused by the ground freezing and thawing, or by poor drainage. If your patio is concrete, shifting or excess moisture can even crack the slabs. It’s best to patch and repair every season as needed.


If it’s time for a whole new backyard oasis, Tree Amigos experts in planning and design can help with that. Visit the design and build section on our website, HERE

* Once the patio is ready and the weather is co-operating, it’s time to get the patio furniture out. Wash as needed, then repair or replace any pieces as required. Now’s a good time to stain or paint, if needed. If you are planning on replacing your whole set this season, now is a good time to begin looking - while stock levels are plentiful and spring sales offer good deals.

* Finally, turn your attention to your porch or entryway. Once the porch itself has been attended to (levelling stones or repairing or staining deck boards), stand back and evaluate your entryway’s curb appeal. Think about adding furniture and a planter, or using paint to make your front door “pop.”

These are just some typical jobs our Tree Amigos experts do with their families every spring. The beauty of getting them done is that, once finished, you’ll have more evening and weekend time to spend elsewhere - puttering in your vegetable and flower gardens, playing basketball with the kids, or hosting friends for outdoor barbecues.

Don’t forget to stock up on propane for the barbecue, and for gas and oil for the lawnmower!

Want some help planning a renovation to your landscaping? Give Tree Amigos a call at 905-937-5353, or visit the website to request a quote at