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At Tree Amigos, we have talked to our clients and friends in Niagara’s real estate industry often enough to know that when someone wants to add value to their property, they plan home improvements.

Indoors, renovations to kitchens and bathrooms reign king and queen, but when it comes to outdoor upgrades, nothing adds value like a proper perimeter, security and feature-lighting system.

If your home’s yards have been landscaped and your seating areas are looking good, proper outdoor lighting can be the bling that makes your backyard pop.

Beyond adding security and perimeter lighting for safety reasons, having a lighting system professionally placed can enhance your yard’s features artistically and add ambiance to all areas.

Low-voltage lighting is available in the form of tree uplighting; LED (light-emitting diode) path lights; fence-post cap lights; hanging lanterns and perhaps even a ceiling fan for your covered patio.

Wall lights; accent lights; different-coloured bulbs and combined water/light features can turn the ordinary home into something extraordinary, once the sun has set.

Tree Amigos works with Kichler lighting systems to help homeowners add value to their properties, at the flick of a switch. Some systems even have smart controls, which allow you to control your lighting use via apps installed on your cellphone.

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If you are contemplating a lighting system for your home and great outdoors, Tree Amigos would love to be involved. To set up a consultation with one of our lighting experts, call the office at 905-937-5353. You can email questions to, or fill out the page to request a quote for services on our website, via