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More than just a grilling area, kitchen ‘room’ completes outdoor entertainment area

I can hear my grandfather’s voice sputtering … “Outdoor kitchen? Out of your mind! This is Canada, not Florida!”

My grandparents didn’t barbecue much - there was too much work involved. Charcoal, the brazier, and clean-up that involved disposing of the charcoal … it was too much work for an older couple with several children.

But with the advent of propane and gas barbecuing, cooking and clean-up have become almost effortless. Some families will even use their outdoor barbecue year ’round.

Our Tree Amigos staff recently discussed the popularity of outdoor kitchens, and the fact our design team seems to be putting together plans for more of these outdoor “rooms” every year.

There seem to be many varied reasons why families install outdoor kitchens. One amusing story springs to mind: Just recently, Tree Amigos designed a set-up for a family that included their barbecue; outdoor oven; smoker unit; counter prep area; small refrigerator and sink with running cold water. The gas barbecue itself featured grilling space as well as elements, so all types of cooking pans could be accommodated. The area was well-lit for nighttime, allowing cooking to take place after dark, too.

Nothing amusing there. 

But the reason for it all? One family member couldn’t stand the smell of onions cooking!

Seems a bit extreme - but to each his own, right?

Our staff actually included that reason on a list indicating the benefits of installing an outdoor kitchen. Here’s the list our Tree Amigos experts came up with:

  • Summer outdoor cooking saves on utility bills, because your home won’t heat or steam up, causing your air conditioning to work overtime.
  • Keep cooking odours outside. Seriously, think barbecued bacon; fish; fried foods and the dreaded onions. Those delicious aromas won’t linger inside, when you have cooked these foods outside.
  • No more bopping back and forth between the kitchen and the barbecue. You can prep and cook everything in the comfort of your outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.
  • The living space of your home will be expanded, as you can store, prep, cook and serve your meal directly from the outdoor kitchen to your patio and entertainment area.
  • If you love to entertain, but hate the fact you miss out on some of the party while dealing with food, this will end if your outdoor kitchen is situated near the entertainment area.
  • Outdoor kitchen allows for “staycation” dining al fresco. How relaxing it is, to cook a simple meal outdoors, then dine outdoors, too. You may actually find you save money by not going out to eat as often.
  • A built-in outdoor kitchen can actually increase the value of your home.
  • Outdoor kitchen appliances, made of stainless steel and built into a stone surround, are attractive and hold up well to the elements.

Even in Canada.

My grandfather would be astonished. And my grandmother would want an outdoor kitchen!

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