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At Tree Amigos, we have worked on some beautiful outdoor projects this year.

From March to the schedule that takes us through October, our landscaping designers and teams have put together some awesome stone structures; water features; specialty gardens; patio and gazebo combinations; walkways; entryways and so much more.

For our clients who are planning to have work started in the spring, we’d like to encourage you to start that planning phase now.

Here’s why:

If you wait until spring to ask us to quote on your job – no matter how big or small it may be – it will take us time to complete the concept design proposal, to finalize your plan and order your materials.

Then, with the schedule juggling we sometimes have to do in the spring, we may not get to your build until quite a bit later. 

If you want your project completed and ready for enjoyment by July, the time to ask us to create a concept design proposal is now. The design phase alone can take one or two months, so beginning it now for next year makes perfect sense. It gives both you and our team time to decide on materials; get permits; make changes if you need to, and even start seeds to grow your own plants, if that’s something you enjoy doing.

Our design and planning team at Tree Amigos loves to fill its winter days dreaming of summer and creating beautiful landscapes for our clients. When build time arrives, materials will have been ordered and the logistics will have been worked out, meaning our team can go right ahead and begin creating your lovely backyard oasis.

So, you’re ready to start the planning phase, but you have questions? We’d love to answer them, and begin creating your concept design proposal now!

Contact Tree Amigos at 905-937-5353. You can email questions to, or fill out the page to request a quote for services on our website, via

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