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Who doesn’t love those mid- to late-spring evenings, when temperatures first hover in double digits and we realize it’s time to break free from winter’s grasp? Spring tasks seem doable now: We’re cleaning off patios; putting out furniture; maybe splurging on new cushions; raking flower beds and trimming errant shrubbery.

At Tree Amigos, we can’t wait for this time of year, when all of last season’s hard work is on display, and the landscaping we so painstakingly prepared begins to grow in to its new spaces. It’s a great time to take an evening stroll on your property, noting places where borders need a little TLC, and just enjoying the scents of new growth and freedom from parkas. Our expert teams love this time of year for pondering the opportunities new projects bring, and noticing trends in homeowners’ requests for their yards.

One trend that pops up year after year is the need to have multi-functioning spaces – yards with “rooms” where homeowners can both entertain and relax with a little privacy. Tree Amigos’ designers love planning these areas, using various techniques for dividing spaces into differently-purposed areas. Sometimes, we’ll use pathways to mark divisions. Sometimes, we use structures, like stone walls; ponds; fountains; pergolas or trellises.

While we love working with stone, we realize that sometimes, our clients want privacy screening that allows a little light to come through. To us, that means “living” walls – going vertical with landscaping to provide a natural screen. There are many different types of climbing plants that can be used to screen for privacy; the type you choose may depend on your soil, your desire for flowers or fruit, or the kind of maintenance level you are seeking.

A few we commonly use include: Clematis; kiwi vine; honeysuckle; climbing hydrangea; wisteria; Virginia creeper or other ivy; trumpet vine; climbing roses, or fruit vines such as Concord grapes. There are more benefits than simple privacy, when you install a living privacy screen structure.

Just think: A privacy screen shuts out the sight of a neighbour’s garage or compost pile; protects your seating area from direct sunlight; enables you to enjoy your outdoor space wearing pyjamas if you so choose, and gives you a place to just get away from the world for a while. 

You may notice a lessening of road noise, too, or the increase in bird visitations to your yard. It’s all good! Although it may take a while for your living screen to grow in to its host walls, you will notice it budding at this time of year, and that offers the promise of summertime to your winter-weary family. If you are ready to give your home’s oasis a privacy makeover, Tree Amigos designers are ready to get started!

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