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When summer’s temperatures are on the rise, we naturally turn to water and shade to give us some relief.

Staying hydrated in hot weather is a no-brainer; so is wearing a hat, putting on sunglasses and swiping on the sunscreen. These things are now just a part of spending time outdoors in hot weather.

What if you could create a place, in your own yard, that uses water and shade to give you some relief from the heat?

At Tree Amigos, we are aware not everyone can afford major yard reconstruction. Our team wants you to be aware there are minor changes you can make that will add cooling tactics to your home oasis.  

Some of these – such as ponds or fountains – might involve a little construction, but some are simple changes that can really make your patio a place to get out of the heat. 

Here are some features our team suggests for adding cooling tactics to your patio:

  • If your patio has a covered structure and electricity is available, a cooling ceiling fan can be added to your outdoor seating area. Make it one with a light, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the great outdoors even after night falls.
  • Add as much shade as possible with patio covers such as trellises; umbrellas; gazebos; pergola structures or plant material. Some of these can be installed fairly inexpensively, or you can definitely go all out. Giving yourself a shady place to rest in the heat of the day, though, is what it’s all about. They also make a great selling feature, if you are planning a move.
  • Install a mister to cool the air in your seating area. These can be as simple as a portable unit that connects to a hose, or installed, with a line plumbed directly into your irrigation system. Some companies even make misting umbrellas, which have a direct hose attachment.
  • Cool the area near your patio with a little landscaping: Groupings of heat-resistant, shade-offering shrubs and small hedges or trees can bring the temperature down at least a couple of degrees in your seating area. The plantings will also offer privacy screening, a wind break and an invitation for local birds to stop by for a visit.
  • Get fancy with the installation of a small water feature, like a pond, fountain or one of the many pondless water features we regularly install. Just the sound of water flowing nearby can offer a cooling effect in your seating area, especially as day’s light dims and the lights come on creating a dazzling focal point. The sound of the water often brings a relief due to its audible sensory stimulation not to mention drowning out undesirable noises nearby.
  • If you already have a pool, you can install a waterfall or fountain feature, one that uses the pool’s own water and lines to send a cascade into the air and down again. These can be installed fairly simply, or you can ask our Tree Amigos design experts to create something unique, involving stone, some wall plantings, and a waterfall that cascades down to your pool’s surface, inviting people to jump in for a swim.
  • Consider installing a hot tub. “A hot tub in hot weather?” We always get that question! Our Tree Amigos teams know that the addition of a jet-filled soaking tub offers a place for homeowners to ease tired muscles and soak away the strain from a busy day. In the summer, you need not heat the water as much as you would in the winter, but using your hot tub in the winter – especially in the snow – offers a delight to the senses. Maintenance and care of a hot tub are fairly simple to master, and units come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for every budget. If you decide to do landscaping around your hot tub, Tree Amigos has unique ideas for surrounding your oasis with greenery, adding privacy and aesthetics to your home spa.

No matter the size of your budget, there is a cooling tactic our Tree Amigos teams are sure you will be able to enjoy.

To find out more about our ideas for cooling your seating area, give the Tree Amigos office a call at 905-937-5353. You can email questions to or fill out our request a quote page here!

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