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Autumn is the best time to admire Niagara’s deciduous trees, since they put on their party wear as cold weather arrives. It’s also a very good time to plant a tree … or to find trees, shrubs and other plants on sale at growers throughout the region.

We love autumn in Niagara!

While the Tree Amigos teams may be slowing down on summer landscaping, we are hard at work, prepping yards for winter and helping homeowners plan for future yard makeovers.

Cooler weather makes working outdoors much easier for our teams, which are now offering winterization services such as pruning; protecting your shrubs; adding mulch to protect small plantings; removing excess leaves; cutting back annuals; aerating and overseeding lawns and applying fall fertilizer.

Now is a good time to add trees, too, and plant bulbs for spring, enhancing the beauty of your gardens and providing shade for years to come.

When homeowners ask us about yard makeovers and tree plantings, the most common question we hear is: “What kind of tree should we choose for our yard?”

There are so many things affecting the answer we give! We start with a homeowner’s soil type; exposure to sun and existing shade; the location you are choosing; foliage and its seasonal habits; the type of flower/fruit/seed pod or other dropping that may affect your yard, and the size, shape and maintenance requirements of your applicable choices.

Our Tree Amigos planners will help you narrow down a list of choices, so you pick the type of tree most likely to succeed in your yard.

One thing about autumn in Niagara is that everywhere you look, the deciduous trees are putting on a fashion show.

Something we suggest all our clients do before making their tree decision is take a day to check out what their short list specimens look like as they mature.

You’ll want to see what the foliage looks like; observe how the ground beneath the tree has weathered its presence; take note of the trunk size, and observe how the foliage scatters as it drops from the branches.

There is no better place to observe autumn foliage than Southern Ontario, especially in locations along the Niagara Escarpment and the Niagara Parkway.

The province of Ontario even publishes an autumn foliage guide, so it’s easy to find out the best times to take a drive and observe Mother Nature’s fashion show. The guide itself promotes the locations of Ontario’s provincial parks, but it’s no leap to associate the parks locations with surrounding communities in Niagara.

Commonly, you’ll see gorgeous tones of red, golden yellow and orange, from trees such as Aspen; Beech; Birch; Chestnut; Chokecherry; Maple; Oak; Katsura; Ash; Ginkgo; Larch; Willow; Walnut and Redwood trees.

If you see foliage you don’t recognize, Ontario’s Tree Atlas might help with identification, since it breaks the province down into regions and lists the trees most commonly found in each one. If you see foliage you don’t recognize, visit the link above and see if you can locate the leaf you see on the list. Each tree name links to an encyclopedia page offering information on the tree’s growth habits and tips for planting it successfully.

Even if you aren’t planning to plant a tree this autumn, our Tree Amigos staff suggest taking the autumn foliage drive anyhow. It’s a great way to connect with other Niagara municipalities and enjoy the beauty each one has to offer.

Who knows? You may fall in love with one of Ontario’s hardiest deciduous trees, while it’s showing off for everyone to see!

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