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In St. Catharines, also known as the Garden City, we love benefitting from the shelter of the beautiful Niagara Escarpment. As a landscaping company, we love this fact because the temperate climate means we can do wonders with your yard, grasses, and landscaping. One of our favourite installations are living privacy walls.

Green Walls

Once we have discussed a plan for a privacy wall in your yard and install it, your summers are going to abound with gorgeous greenery and blooming plants. We can assist you in building any fence or wall you desire, but we think living walls that provide a natural screen have many delightful advantages. Of course, it is your choice, so allow us to share some of the pros and cons of privacy screening constructed of plants.


We are plant people. Because of this, we may weigh in a little heavy on the "pro" side of green walls. These are a few reasons we like the idea of living walls:

Attracting Birds

The more greenery you have in your yard, the more birds you can expect. Some plants that attract birds include:

•Berry-producing shrubs

•Plants with sheltering branches to protect them

•Plenty of varied plants, shrubs, grasses, and vines so birds can hunt and hide

•Ornamental grasses

•Small trees

•Flowering shrubs

Noise Control

Although no type of landscaping can eliminate noise in your backyard completely, a wall or fence of evergreen trees, evergreen shrubs, and other plants can provide noise-protection, especially if they are dense and planted close together.

Aesthetic Sensibilities

A green wall is not only beautiful, but it can also be fragrant, refreshing, inviting, meditative, and touchable. It satisfies all the senses.

It's been proven by quite a few studies that plants in general are good for our psychological development, including improvements to mood, productivity and blood pressure. 


Even though a living wall does not completely block a view, it can be dense enough to supply privacy and silence any noise associated with a neighbour's activity in their yard. Privacy issues also go two ways. When you, your friends and family are having a gathering, it is nice to have a green wall between you and your neighbors. Perhaps you enjoy having a nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning while still in your PJ’s; that’s no problem when you have a privacy wall that shields you from prying eyes.


As lovely as a green wall can be, it is not the answer for every homeowner:

Pet Control

If you're trying to keep your pet inside the parameters of your backyard, a plant-based fence will probably not do the trick. It is practically impossible to plant greenery in such a way as to block the comings and goings of a family's dog or cat, unless planted in front of a pre-existing fence. 


Yes, there is some maintenance needed to keep a living wall looking clean and neat. If paying for maintenance services or laboring out in the yard is not your thing, you may want to consider another option.

Types of Plantings Used for Green Walls

To attain the living wall of your dreams, we invite you to take part in deciding what types of shrubs, trees, and plants you would like to use for your privacy screen. Some choices depend on the type of soil in your yard, whether you want flowering or fruit plants, and the level of maintenance you wish to sustain. Some examples include:

• Climbing plants (ivy, kiwi vine, honeysuckle, climbing hydrangea, wisteria, Virginia creeper, clematis, fruit vines, trumpet vine, climbing roses)

• Tall grasses

• Bamboo

• Hybrid Willows

• Leyland Cypress

• Spartan Juniper

• Sky Pencil Holly

• Green Giant Thuja

Outdoor Entertaining

Tree Amigos Landscaping understands how individuals long to be outside tanning by the pool, enjoying a fire pit, watching a movie on a big outdoor screen, and gazing at the stars. People who live in a region like Niagara that has four distinct seasons are often more grateful when warm weather finally arrives than those who have temperate climates throughout the year.

Our landscaping company makes outdoor living spaces that transform your setting and inspire your soul. Along with living walls, Tree Amigos can landscape your entire property; build a driveway that will take your breath away; or turn your entryway into an area that makes a memorable statement.

We can assist you in creating a living privacy wall, and we can take care of all your Niagara and St. Catharines landscaping needs. 

To meet with one of our planning experts and get the landscape renovation ball rolling, contact Tree Amigos at 905-937-5353. We’re ready to start your concept design proposal now!

You can email questions to, or fill out the page to request a quote for services on our website here.

Want to see more photos of recent Tree Amigos’ projects? Visit the Houzz app at and put our name in the search bar. You’ll find photos of our landscaping design, stonework, water features, driveways, decks and much more. It’s a great place to see what other people have done, and what features they chose for their own dream yards!