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On the shores of Lake Erie, this lakefront property inspired us to create a design that mirrored the beauty of its surroundings. Our team planned and installed every aspect of this project, from its hardscaping and walls to the garden and sod installation. 


In the front yard, we installed a new interlocking paver driveway and walkway with a raised landing. We began the project with a base preparation that used Drive grid technology to ensure it lasts for years to come. To create a simple and elegant look, we used Unilock Beacon Hill pavers in a Granite Fusion colour and completed the area by using a Charcoal border to define the space and accentuate the beauty of the stone. The raised landing was built with a Unilock U-Cara Wall system that matched the colour of the driveway.


With simplicity in mind, our team completed the front yard with low-maintenance planting around the septic and cisterns. This landscaping added a nice touch of greenery that enhanced the home’s curb appeal.


The property’s backyard was a dream to design with its stunning views of the lake. We wanted our client to be able to enjoy this space to its fullest so we created a back patio area that was as large as possible.


This area required some preparation to make our landscape design seamless. We matched the elevation with the pre-existing break wall concrete structure, after which we were good to go to get started on the stonework. We started with the construction of the U-Cara walls and steps before moving on to prepare the patios.


For the upper patio, we had the challenge of matching the back door of the house to the existing block structure by the water. We only had a minimal slope to work with, so we created a permeable application that allowed for adequate drainage. For continuity, we designed the paver and wall system using the same Granite Fusion colour as the driveway. Because of the beauty of the U-Cara system, we were able to add a Smooth Opal colour band as an accent. This is the beauty of the U-Cara system: In addition to its stunning structural appeal, its colour and texture options make for endless design possibilities!


We completed the area with beautiful 8-foot natural stone steps from Oakville Stone. The result is a stunning backyard area that’s perfect for sipping a morning coffee at sunrise or entertaining guests under a starry night sky.

Our team had fun collaborating with our client to bring this landscaping project to life, from its initial concept through to its completion. And we’re happy knowing the client is as pleased with the project as we are!