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These days, it’s hard not to feel like we spend most of our time in the dark. With the sun setting before 5 pm in January, the days can feel too short and the nights too long. Fortunately, with a little help from landscape lighting, you can have a little more light in your day!

Landscape lighting is an investment you can appreciate and enjoy all year round. Let’s think about what your typical day looks like when you’re heading home from work. Maybe it’s been dark for more than an hour now and you’re feeling even more tired than you already were. Now imagine pulling up in front of your house and finding your driveway and front entrance warmly lit with LED lighting. The mature trees on your property are softly illuminated in a way that feels welcoming and cozy. Path lighting guides you to your door. The dark drive home may not seem as bad if you knew this is what you get to arrive home to each day.

The shortest days of the year can be the hardest to get through, but they don’t have to be. Tree Amigos Landscaping, serving St. Catharines and Niagara, offers different types of LED landscape lighting options to suit the needs of your home. With its energy-efficient technology and powerful illumination, LED lights are a great option to transform your property in any season. LED lights last longer than traditional lighting systems, which makes them a practical choice during the winter. You can arrive home without worrying about having to replace burnt out lightbulbs in the dark. These lights can withstand a wide range of temperatures from scorching hot summer days to sub-zero winter temperatures. And because they use minimal power, you won’t be hit with an expensive hydro bill.

LED landscape lighting also lends itself to endless possibilities. Due to their small size, LED lights can be used in many types of custom installations and offer design flexibility that is unparalleled to traditional lighting. Tree Amigos has experience installing LED lighting for homes and properties of all sizes. We can set up a small lighting system with 6 to 10 LED fixtures or design a large-scale lighting package that contains more than 30 fixtures around your home and property. We’ve completed several installations that includes path lights to illuminate walkways and driveways. We’ve also installed pool lights that are functional in the winter months. Even with the pool sadly closed and covered, you can have lighting that adds ambiance to your backyard.

If you’re planning to do some landscaping in the coming year, we would be happy to include landscape lighting in your quote! While we can’t keep the sun out for longer, we can make these winter months a little more enjoyable with some beautiful lighting.

Our full-service landscaping company has almost 20 years of experience in creating award-winning landscapes in St. Catharines and the Niagara region. Contact us to learn more about how we can transform your property for 2020.