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Maybe it’s because we love landscaping so much, but when it comes to your yard, we think newly laid sod is the icing on the cake! New sod finishes a project and brings the landscape design together.

While freshly laid sod does require some attention at the beginning, this early maintenance is well worth it! As a St. Catharines landscaping company, Tree Amigos wants to help you keep that lawn looking like it’s ready for you to tee-off at any time! Here are our top tips for protecting your green investment for years to come.

When it comes to sod care, the two key things you should remember are watering and weed control.

Watering new sod is essential and requires an attentive eye. Freshly laid sod takes between one to three weeks to root itself. After our team has finished putting down sod, we’ll start irrigating your lawn in the first half an hour after installation to give it a healthy start.

From that point on, you’ll need to check that the soil under the sod feels moist. To help determine if there is adequate moisture, we suggest using a sharp tool such as a screwdriver that you can push into the soil. The tool should go in easily for about 3 to 4 inches under the surface. If it feels dry, add more water.

We also recommend that you distribute water evenly across the entire surface. While sprinklers are great for covering large areas, they usually miss the corners that are more susceptible to drying out. The same issue tends to happen near buildings, as the heat that is reflected from these exterior surfaces can dry the sod out faster.

Hills and slopes can be trickier to water because you have to contend with water runoff. Rather than trying to compensate by running the water for longer, the reverse approach is more effective. When you notice runoff, turn off the sprinklers or water system and wait 30 minutes to an hour before restarting the water. This gives the sod time to soak in the moisture and conserves water. Continue to repeat this process until the soil is evenly moist.

While it is important to keep new sod watered when it’s first installed, you also want to avoid over-watering. Many homeowners are nervous about their sod drying out, but this can cause them to over-water their lawns. Too much water can cause shallow roots that will rot. If your lawn feels spongy, you may be adding too much water.

Another sign of over-watering is if the roots look unhealthy. If the sod lifts easily and you see roots that are soft and brown, you’ll want to cut down on your watering. If you feel resistance when lifting the sod, that’s a great sign! This means that the sod is taking root and you will be able to enjoy your beautifully landscaped lawn.

We also suggest using a fertilizer and weed control program to help encourage optimal growth for your lawn. Our team is happy to recommend products that will keep your new turf healthy.

If adding another chore to your to-do list doesn't sound appealing, consider including a time-saving irrigation system into your quote request. Irrigation systems are a fantastic way to lighten your workload when it comes to caring for your lawn. Once you’ve had our team install an irrigation system, you can simply set it and forget it!

Our full-service landscaping company is experienced in creating award-winning landscapes in St. Catharines and the entire Niagara region. Contact us to learn more about how we can get your lawn looking green and lush this summer season!