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Every client has a unique request when it comes to adding greenery into their landscape design project! Some of our clients want a low maintenance yard with low-growing evergreens that create natural borders. Others want to see all the season’s colours on display - lush greenery in the summer and bursts of vibrant red in the fall. (Even if this does involve a bit of raking!)

If you’re thinking about adding foliage to your property, Tree Amigos can create a stunning landscape design that fulfills your wish list! Our knowledgeable team can recommend some great options for foliage to enhance your views and attract more feathered friends to your yard! A few of our most popular client requests include boxwood shrubs, maple trees and laurel.


Boxwood shrubs are fantastic for adding curb appeal to your home. The dense shrubs are commonly used to create hedges along driveways or areas where you want to create a distinction. Boxwood stays green all year long, which makes them a good choice for adding colour during the winter months.

The shrubs grow best in partial sun or shade, so you’ll want to avoid planting them in areas with southwestern exposure. This can cause their leaves to turn. Once they are established, usually after their second year, they can handle drier climates. This low maintenance greenery doesn’t require much attention. You can do minor pruning in late spring or after the last frost to encourage new growth. With the proper care, these evergreen shrubs will last for many years!

Maple Trees

Is there anything more Canadian than a maple tree? If you want to add attractive foliage to your backyard, you can’t go wrong with a red maple. Maples can handle both wet and dry soils, as long as their growth isn’t impeded by structures or sidewalks. This is because they have shallow roots that like to spread. They love the sun and grow fast - up to half a metre, or 2 feet, per year!

One key tip for helping young trees get established: they need soil that stays moist. We recommend giving them a long, slow watering compared to short, frequent ones. This method will help the roots to grow deep and strong.


Laurel bushes are another evergreen that birds will love! In addition to their rich dark green leaves, laurels also bloom flowers. Mountain laurels grow white and pink flowers that add a gorgeous pop of colour to a landscape design.

The shrubs are another good option that doesn’t require much maintenance. Once flowers are finished blooming, you can do a gentle prune that will keep the shrub healthy and full. Your yard will become a favourite for birds in your neighbourhood!

Our full-service landscaping company is experienced in creating award-winning landscapes in St. Catharines and the Niagara region. Contact us today to get started on planting the perfect greenery for both your home and the birds around it.