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As a homeowner, you’ve probably spent countless hours designing and decorating your indoor living space. In fact, replacing floors, adding a funky wallpaper and displaying your favourite paintings are just some of the many ways you can communicate your personal taste throughout your home.

But, have you stopped to consider how you might bring your style and enthusiasm beyond the doors of your dining room? As specialists in landscape design, our team wants to help you take your living space outdoors! Using your own preferences as a guide, we’ll assist you in creating an outdoor living space that is an extension of your home.

Whether you want to install that deck you’ve been dreaming of or have been needing some extra foliage to increase your privacy and add some dimension, Tree Amigos is here to help you design and build your dream backyard. With cutting-edge 3-D rendering and personal consultations, our Niagara and St. Catharines landscaping company has everything you need to plan an English-style garden or establish your own modern oasis.

Fall in Love with Your Yard: Create an Outdoor Oasis

We’ve been a Niagara and St. Catharines landscaping company for roughly two decades, and, if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that ANY backyard can be a great backyard. So, if you’ve found yourself feeling uninspired when it comes to all-things outdoors, our experts can help you take your project from start to finish. All you need is a little imagination and some expert advice from your trusted landscape design company. Tree Amigos has made it easier than ever for you to get the landscape you deserve! Check out our process below:

1. Pick Your Favourite Features

When it comes to deciding on a landscape design, you’ll want to determine what kind of look you’re going for. Maybe your ideal paradise is one that has simple, easy to maintain lines that uses tasteful pillars and lush plantings to complete the look. Perhaps you’ve always wanted an impressive, outdoor entertaining space, complete with a fire feature and outdoor kitchen, to wow your guests. Regardless of what your ideal style is, you can trust one of our team members to help you pick the components that will take your yard from nice to paradise.

2. Design + Build Your Dream Space

Our Design + Build page makes it easy for you to select your favourite outdoor features and adjust them to suit your yard and your budget. Our consultants will use a CAD system to incorporate your must-haves and specifications into a personalized landscape design. Our up-to-date software not only gives you sneak peaks of your finished space, but also informs all aspects of the planning and management process.  Our experienced landscape designers will collaborate with you to ensure that you love your yard again! We’ll let you review the final designs to make sure that your outdoor space includes everything you need or, if you’re feeling unsure, help you decide which elements will work best in your backyard.

Are you ready to find your paradise? Contact us to learn more or book your project to turn your outdoor space into a versatile, multi-season staycation spot that will make every evening, weekend, or daytime gathering feel extraordinary.