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We spend a lot of time making our homes a haven, but sometimes our spaces can feel a little... exposed.

Perhaps you live in a high traffic area with constant noise and you’ve grown tired of your busy view. Or, maybe you find your neighbours overly curious about what you’re doing in your backyard. Do you need more privacy for your property?

From pergolas to outdoor privacy screens, our Tree Amigos landscaping team can create the perfect outdoor space for solitude. We build fencing and other custom designs that can meet your needs for privacy and seclusion. Let’s take a look at some of the landscaping design features we offer.

For total privacy, we offer large scale fencing to give you peace of mind. This is a great choice when you need added security while blocking out the views you don’t want to see. Privacy screens and panels can be incorporated into any of our designs to add visual interest to your property. 

If you wish you had more privacy for outdoor entertaining, our team can design pergolas and covered spaces with built-in privacy screens. We can create structures that incorporate patios or outdoor kitchens so you can have a more intimate setting for meals and entertaining. Our designs include custom latticework to fit any project.

If you prefer more natural privacy screening, Tree Amigos can recommend evergreen hedges and shrubs that will add lush greenery to your space. These low-maintenance options can block out unappealing sightlines while making your space feel like a retreat. 

And if you want to add more dimension to your property, our team is skilled at designing stone and tiered garden walls. Not only will these stone features define areas of your property, but it can also be a stunning way to create privacy. But be warned - you may never want to go inside again with such a beautiful outdoor space! (Though that’s not such a bad thing, is it?)

As one of the leading Niagara and St. Catharines landscaping companies, Tree Amigos will work with you to design an outdoor space that feels secluded and private. To learn more about our privacy screens and fencing, visit our Design + Build feature to create the project of your dreams.

Let’s make your property a haven of solitude this spring!

Tree Amigos is a full-service landscaping company experienced in creating award-winning landscapes in St. Catharines and throughout the entire Niagara region. Contact us to learn more about how our landscape design services can transform your property.