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Fall is finally upon us! The colours on the leaves have begun their change—it is truly a beautiful sight.

When we think about exciting fall activities, things like fruit picking, fall fairs, and pumpkin patches immediately spring to mind. But another dreaded task looms heavily…

Raking leaves!

We know it needs to be done. We accept that this chore is simply a part of life—even if the work seems never ending!

But there are many ways that we can make the job easier on ourselves. This month, we have compiled a list of suggestions on ways to rake leaves more efficiently:

Don’t Rush the Process

This first tip comes from the home guru himself, Bob Vila. Wait for leaves to finish falling!

While it can be frustrating to see them pile up in your yard, you ultimately create more work for yourself by raking before the majority have hit the ground. Save yourself some time by waiting until your trees are nearly bare to start raking and tackle the bulk of the work at one time!

Mow Leaves, Less Problems

And on that note, why rake at all? If you have access to a mulching lawn mower early in the season, you can cut down on time and effort by mowing these pesky plummeters. Your lawn will thank you by absorbing the nutrients contained in the leaves!

Use the Right Equipment

Good posture is imperative to avoiding raking-related back injuries. This can be avoided by testing the instrument for comfort at the hardware store before buying.

Vila also recommends using rakes with a wider tine spread—about 30 inches should do the trick! He also advises the use of ‘no-clog’ rakes, as these instruments have angled tines which minimize the risk of piercing the leaves and creating blockages.

Also—wear gloves! This is especially important if you are not used to this type of physical labour, as raking can cause painful blisters to populate.

Rake with the Wind

This is crucial! If you don’t have a wind vane or sick, try dropping something lightly from above your head and she which direction it goes in.

From there, rake with the wind to avoid nasty gusts undoing all your hard work!

Use a Tarp

This is a no-brainer! Bagging leaves is a pain, so why not make your life easier by raking the contents of your lawn onto a large tarp?

From there, you can simply tie the ends together for easy transport to your bag of choice!

Rake Before the Storm!

Rain causes leaves to become soggy and clump together, and increases the chances of clogging your rakes, vacuums, and leaf blowers. Keep an eye on your local forecast and choose the most opportune time to get the job done!

And Finally, Know Your Limits!

There’s a good chance that raking will be an ongoing process, so don’t wear yourself down over spilled leaves!

There’s no shame in giving yourself a break. There is always more time. If you feel yourself getting tired, stop working. If you push yourself too hard, you increase the risk of injuring yourself—then who will care for your lawn?

Well, Tree Amigos!

Fall is an excellent time to get ahead of spring and make any improvements to your lawn and gardens. Our team has the knowledge and experience to highlight the unique features of your property in all seasons! To learn more about the range of fall services we offer, visit our website here!