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Summer is finally here and for many us - hopefully - that means vacation time.
But vacation doesn't necessarily mean going away somewhere for holidays.

Not anymore.
7th Annual Tree Amigos Golf Tournament
Our latest commercial!
As technology propels us forward we as business owners and managers can take advantage of these technologies to help improve our company
After 10 years in the industry I
The term native plant refers to a plant that grows naturally in a specified area. For example in Southern Ontario some native plant species include: Sugar Maple, White Ash, White Cedar, Grey Dogwood, Elderberry, Solomon
For many homeowners, the word
There are so many garden styles to choose from, and most people ask for something different and low maintenance, Prairie style will do just that. The typical area for prairie gardens are large properties with rolling hills, lots of hot sun and cold windy winters. Here in southern Ontario we have somewhat the same conditions, but we just have to adapt it to our own landscape.
Tired of the same look to your garden? Why not try planting tropicals; they will always draw some attention, with their bold, exotic look. Today
Any parent or guardian with small children knows how much
Do you love entertaining in the summer as much as I do? The Obvious answer is YES, every summer, we, Canadians, bask in the sun and have BBQ
In this day and age everyone wants something different. In landscaping everyone wants to customize their own properties to get away from the normal use of soil, grass and plants that are pruned into geometric shapes, like spheres, cubes and cones. No one wants their home to look like every other house in their neighbourhood. This is where landscape features come into the picture.
Watering the lawn and garden during the summer, accounts for more than 50 percent of the homes water consumption. This cost is becoming greater and greater with the increasing taxes we are facing.