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Outdoor kitchen's popularity on the rise
I can hear my grandfather's voice sputtering ... "Outdoor kitchen? Out of your mind! This is Canada, not Florida!"
Interlocking pavers versus concrete and asphalt: Pros and cons
When picking patio or driveway material, pay attention not only to the cost of the project, but to costs for annual maintenance.

Flipping the switch on curb appeal
If you plan on doing just one value-adding improvement this year, make it outdoor lighting for your personal retreat
Hardworking homeowners get out their spring job jars
There is plenty of outdoor hard work ahead for homeowners this spring - but it's a sure sign of one thing: Summer's coming!
 Fire and water bring peace to outdoor setting
Waterfalls and flickering flames turn your patio into a true backyard oasis
Lighting adds bling that makes a property 'pop'
If you're only thinking of one outdoor project this year, go for the gusto and consider having a quality, professionally designed lighting system installed.
Think positively: Spring is on its way
Tree Amigos landscaping and garden experts know that following a cold winter, young trees and shrubs are especially deficient in the nutrients they need to enable leafing out - that time you know spring has arrived, when all of a sudden, trees have the first sign leaves will soon be appearing.
Ease into spring
Ease into spring with landscape planning now
Making some changes this year to your great outdoors?

Start planning now, so you can relax and enjoy your summer
The Social Advantage
Social advertising brings rewards to local landscaping professionals
Exposure available in creative ways from web-based platforms
Estimate phase costly for small- and medium-sized contractors
At Tree Amigos, we've held plenty of discussions lately on the issue of businesses charging for estimates, which is actually a pretty hot topic right now on construction-related blogs on the Internet.
It's that time of year again, when autumn
As we close the door on an awesome season of landscaping delights, we wish to thank our customers for trusting in us to make their oasis dreams come true. We hope the upcoming holiday season brings you treasures a-plenty, including the gift of the presence of family and friends.
Winter's coming: Is your yard ready?
Getting ready for winter means lots lots of tasks, some big and some not-so-big. Tree Amigos can help with all of it.
Houzz 250
In today's business climate, a local business with a regional customer base has to find creative ways to market itself. That said, there are many options available for spreading the word about our business.
Bringing your concepts to life
Have you ever suddenly had an idea for taking what you have around you, and making it better?

For some people, this is a dream they have almost daily. They love their homes, but they have an idea, a visual, a concept
Led Landscape Lighting
We love to sit out in our garden on a summer evening, now that the experts at Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc. have helped us design and build our outdoor dream