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Outdoor Kitchens
Do you love entertaining in the summer as much as I do? The Obvious answer is YES, every summer, we, Canadians, bask in the sun and have BBQ
Landscape Features
In landscaping everyone wants to customize their own properties to get away from the normal use of soil, grass and plants that are pruned into geometric shapes. No one wants their home to look like every other house in their neighbourhood. This is where landscape features come into the picture.
Water Conservation 101
Watering the lawn and garden during the summer, accounts for more than 50 percent of the homes water consumption. This cost is becoming greater and greater with the increasing taxes we are facing.
Maintaining a Healthy Organic Lawn
Maintaining a lawn takes effort and money, if you could save on both wouldn't you?
Landscaping Quotes & Budgets
You look outside and realize your landscape needs work and you don't want to tackle it yourself,
The Design Process
By following our design process Tree Amigos Landscaping is able to provide the client with a clear vision of the end result of any landscaping project.
Spring Pruning
Spring is the time to cut back overwintered perennials and prune shrubs to maintain shape as well as encouraging healthy growth. In fact pruning stimulates new growth
Business Link Feature
Please Click on the link to view an article done on Tree Amigos Landscaping for our 10 year anniversary!!!
Container Gardening
One of the latest trends in North American gardening is Blocks Out The View Container Gardening. The trend is to use tropical and sub-tropical plants in the garden to create interest. Often a featured plant is sunk into the soil to act as a strong visual focus.
Spring Gardening Tips for Eager Green-Thumbs
With the arrival of spring many gardeners are eager to start planting their gardens. However, gardeners need to be careful about what they choose to plant since the nights still tend to be cool frost can develop, which is not an ideal condition for many plants.