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After 10 years in the industry I’ve worked with many trees in Niagara and surrounding areas and still to this day I am amazed at the different form and structure of trees. Next time you are out for a walk or driving in the car just take a look at the trees and you will start to notice the different aspects to various trees. From root structure, trunks, branches, and leaves. You will never find two the same.

It all starts from below the ground, with the roots. Many people don’t know this but on average the roots spread the same distance as the canopy and in some cases they can spread four times the trees canopy. Roots play a major role in the existence of a tree, other than absorbing water and nutrients, they act like an anchor for the tree and hold it to the ground and keep it from falling over. Check out the base of a tree and look for the main roots, in some trees you might not be able to see any, like on a spruce, or you may see a lot, like on an old oak tree. Roots can add a lot to the look of a tree. They can become twisted, gnarled, and scared. Roots can climb over rocks and other obstacles. Wind and water can erode the soil from around the roots which can make for a distinctive look.

The tree trunk is the first thing that you will run into. It could be a single trunk or multi-branched. The textures of a trunk can differ immensely from species to species. Beech trees and Japanese maples have very smooth bark, that could resemble human skin, or other bark could be extremely rough like on a Shagbark Hickory. Even in the same species trunks can look very different, various shades of colour, some will have scars and some will not. Every trunk is different from the next.

Follow up the trunk a bit and you will start to see the branches. Branches give the tree its shape and form, they can shoot off on different angles and at different heights. Branches can have a mind of their own they can bend and twist and turn in all direction and add a lot of character.

Once you add up all these components together, the combinations are endless. So the next time you’re out look at the trees and admire their beauty of structure and form.

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