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The initial site meeting at the client’s property is where Tree Amigos Landscaping will first establish whether or not a design is needed for the project. Not all projects require a design but if it is determined that one is needed, the design process begins. The design process is made up of the three C’s: the Consultation stage, the Concept stage, and the Creation of a Design.

The Consultation Stage:

Tree Amigos Landscaping will sit down with the client and begin discussions surrounding the project. During these initial discussions Tree Amigos Landscaping considers the client’s needs, wants, and budget along with comments, ideas, and suggestions for a general direction of the project. After these discussions have concluded and the client has proposed their thoughts, Tree Amigos Landscaping will then take detailed measurements, photos and video of the property. Now the concept stage can begin.  Concept Stage:

In this stage the designer will then plot the measurements into DynaScape Design computer software. Once the measurements have been plotted into the designing software, two or three concepts will be put together and presented to the client. These concepts will show different layouts, design elements, and functionality of the landscape design. The concepts are to get an idea of where patios, walkways, gardens, fences, decks, and many other design elements are going to be situated. Once these concepts have been presented to the client, it’s now up to the client to choose one of the concepts or various elements from all of the concepts that they would like to see finalized. At this point, the creation of a design will begin.

Creation of the Design:

 In the design stage the concept will now be taken to the next step and a full scale landscape design can be created. This design will include all softscape and hardscape elements. For example, all plants names will be included along with the names of all materials used for construction. Once the design has been completed it will be presented to the client along with an itemized proposal of EVERYTHING that has been included on the design. The client now has the opportunity to give their feedback on what has been presented. If the design is approved then the project will be scheduled but if revisions are to be made, the designer will tweak the design using the feedback given. Once revisions have been completed the design will be re-proposed to the client for acceptance.  All clients of Tree Amigos Landscaping will have the opportunity to make as many changes as needed until they are 100% happy with the design.
By following this process Tree Amigos Landscaping is able to provide the client with a clear vision of the end result of any landscaping project. 
For more detailed information on the design process, please contact
Drew Hutchison, Owner / Designer
Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc.